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A Tutorial on Fitting My Modified Modern Schaller Tremolo Bar to the Fender System III (3) Trem
This is a picture tutorial for those who have questions on how to install the Floyd Type Conversion bars that I sell for the Fender System III (3) Tremolos. *CAUTION* I take no responsibility for any damage you may incure to your guitar or yourself. If you have doubts that you are not mechanically inclined to do this modification, seek out your local guitar tech or dealer to do this for you.
Step: 1 Remove the tremolo from your guitar and remove the original socket as shown below. Step:2 Insert the bar with the socket installed into the trem baseplate.. How it will look on the backside: Step:3 Install the backing clamp onto the socket with a 3mm Allen Wrench Step:4 As you tighten the screw up, center the friction collar (that you tighten up the arm with) of the tremolo bar so it does not rub the socket in the trem baseplate. It may take a time or 2 to get it just right, but take your time so that the friction collar tightens and loosens freely. Friction Collar A look from the completed installation on the backside: Step:8 Install the trem back into your guitar and enjoy!