Jackson JT6 Bridge String Lock Screws! Available now are these Replacement String Lock Screws for the Jackson JT6 Tremolos. Remember, the whole reason these have to be replaced is because everyone seems to want to over tighten this screw. There is no need for that ;o) These are $4 each or a set of 6 for $17.00     or:     The set of 6 with Allen Wrench is $18.00 As you can see in the pic (above right), while they do look different, they're not bad at all and have a nice black finish to match. I was going to start "kinking" the last thread near the wrench opening but thought some of you might actually like the fact that the fine tuner can turn right off. If you'd like this little feature, just give me a shout and let me know and I can do that for you so you don't lose your fine tuner on stage ;o) If you need the Allen wrench (3mm) for the installation, I have those as well. $1.00 Each Original Schaller Floyd Rose Tremolo Bars These are the real deal, and will fit Original Floyd Rose, and Floyd Rose II tremolos with the socket for the collared style bars. These come with a new socket to install into your bridge plate in case yours is worn. Available in Gold, Chrome, Black, or Black for Left Handed. TB-SFLR-B(Temporarily Unavailable)(Black) $31.00 each, TB-SFLR-G(Gold) $37.00 each, TB-SFLR-C(Silver) $27.00 each, or TB-SFLR-BL (*lefty)(Lefty-Black) $31.00 each. If you'd like just the socket for these, those are available as well. TB-SFLRS These are sold out until further notice $5.00 Finally a way to change the battery in your Jackson JE**** Pre-amps or EMG equipped guitars!! Click here for more details! Jackson / Charvel JT6 Floyd Tremolo Bushings Covers available! These originally came on the earlier USA Models that had the JT6 tremolo installed to cover  up the "sloppy" paint edge around the bushing hole. These were lightly pressed into the paint but would usually come lose and get lost if removing the trem for maintenance. Bushings without bushing covers: Bushings with the Bushing covers installed: $10.00 per pair JCH-2C White Pearl/B/W $10 TRCjc-1 Silver Pearl/B/W $10 TRCjc-2 Green Pearl/B/W $10 TRCjc-3 Black Pearl/B/W $10 TRCjc-4 Red Pearl/B/W $10 TRCjcr-5 Original B/W/B $10 TRCjc-6 Email Me: HERE Brass $18.00 TRCjc-7 Brushed/W/B $10 TRCjc-8 White/B/W   $10 TRCjc-5 Polished Aluminum $16.00 TRCjc-9 Black Brushed  Aluminum Anodized $17.00 TRCjc-10 Black Brushed  Aluminum Anodized Rolls Royce Font "Machine Engraved" $22.00 ea. TRCrr-11 B/W/B Brushed "RR" Engraved in Black or White $16.00 TRCrr-4 "RR" "Machine Engraved" Brushed Black Anodized $22.00   TRCrr-5 TRCrr-6 "RR" "Machine Engraved"  Polished Brass and Aluminum Truss Rod Covers $22.00 Brass- TRCrr-7 Aluminum- TRCrr-8 "RR" "Machine Engraved" Polished Brass and Aluminum Truss Rod Covers $22.00 Aluminum- TRCrr-10 Brass- TRCrr-9 "RR" "Machine Engraved" Brushed Aluminum Truss Rod Covers $20.00 TRCrr-12 or with Black Anodized Borders and RR's $22.00 TRCrr-13 Some other ideas as well: Strap Buttons, Screws & Felts can be found Here on the Body Parts Page Back Cover Plate Screws can be found Here on the Body Parts Page Full Triangle Truss Rod Covers (Screws are HERE!) Please note, Some Custom Shop guitars had "custom" sized covers so I may need a template from you for proper fit. Custom "RR" Truss Rod Covers Arrowhead style for the JT6 type and Kahler Locknuts Rhoads Control Plates and "V" string through Plates Can be made in Polished Brass or Aluminum or a variety of plastics like you see on the truss rod covers above. Black Brushed Aluminum Anodized just like the Originals. $40.00 Each Plate Customized Control Layouts and other materials. Examples: Brushed Plastic for the Economy Minded! Cavity Cover Plates Brushed plastic covers look just like the original Brushed black aluminum covers. Any Style $12.00 each plate. Covers Can be altered for the "Tremol-No" Or Spring Access Please Ask! Polished Aluminum: $22.00 each plate Economy Satin finish plastic plates $12.00 each plate Solid polished Brass: $25.00 each plate Solid Brushed Brass: $25.00 each plate "4 Hole" San Dimas/Ontario sized Plate Black Brushed Aluminum Anodized $25.00 each plate Black Brushed Aluminum Anodized $25.00 each plate (Also available in the Tremolo Cover as well!) USA Jackson KV or Double Rhoads Black Brushed Aluminum Anodized $25.00 each plate Back Cover Plate Screws can be found Here on the Body Parts Page Neck Plates The brass and aluminum are not clear coated This means that they will tarnish as it's brass, not gold plated. These are made from solid 1/8th inch thick stock. These are the standard Fender, Charvel Jackson Bolt pattern. Solid Uncoated Brass Relic'd finish $18.00 HWnp-1 Solid Uncoated Brass Brushed Finish: $18.00 HWnp-2 Solid Brass Polished Finish: $18.00 HWnp-3 Black Anodized Aluminum Finish $17.00 HWnp-4 Solid Aluminum Polished  Finish: $16.00 HWnp-5 Solid Uncoated Aluminum Brushed Finish: $16.00 HWnp-6 Black Plastic Backer Pads for the neck plates are here!! These will fit all my neckplates and other standard Strat, Jackson and Charvel both import and USA models. $3.00 each HWnp-7 Non Tabbed Version Of the  arrohead for “solid” string locks. These are great solid brass replacements for the brass jack plates as found on some of the older Charvels and Schecters. The brass are not clear coated This means that they will tarnish as it's brass, not gold plating. They also fit Gibson Les Pauls perfectly as well. These specific jackplates will come flat unless noted by you. Polished Aluminum HWjp-2A $18.00 $18.00 Each HWjp-3 Older Oversized Oval "Dimas Strathead" Charvel & Jackson Jackplates made from the same very thin Aluminum and then Black Anodized. Newer "Football" Jackplates The brass are not clear coated This means that they will tarnish as it's brass, not gold plating. Will fit Ibanez, Charvel, Jackson guitars Aluminum Black Anodized, polished or brushed brass,  and  polished or brushed aluminum. NOTE: The Black Chrome Steel Jackplate P/N:HWjp-6ST, is NOT made by me, but is a perfect fit for the Jackson Charvel and Ibanez and ESP bodies.   $18.00 Each: Brass/Brushed  HWjp-4 Brass/Polished  HWjp-8 Brass/Relic'd  HWjp-9 Brushed/Aluminum:  HWjp-101 Polished/Aluminum:  HWjp-5  Black Brushed Aluminum  HWjp-6 Black Chrome Steel  HWjp-6ST I can now offer a service that will allow you to mount a modern  Floyd Rose type tremolo bar with the friction collar built in. The only thing you have to do is remove your old tremolo socket and replace it with the new one that I have modified to fit the hole where your old socket went. Yes the bar is included! Click for Tutorial No more bushings for those of you who do not like them ;o) Available in Gold, Chrome, and Black. TB-JT6CB(Temporarily Unavailable)(Black) $31.00 each, TB-JT6CG(Gold) $37.00 each, TB- JT6CC(Silver) $27.00 each, or TB-JT6CBL (*lefty)(Lefty-Black) $31.00 each. Service is available for the JT6 Jackson  Logo'd Tremolos shown below: An example of a JT6 Tremolo: If you need the Allen wrench (3mm) for the installation, see below .... **NOTE** Lefty bars can only be purchased in Black Chrome Custom Engraved Truss Rod Covers Some examples in Satin and polished aluminum (satin on left): A comparison of black brushed aluminum and black satin aluminum. (Satin is on right) Some examples in brushed and polished brass: Switch Tips For Switchcraft Switches are now available! All switch tips shown HERE  fit Switchcraft switches or any other brand with an 8-32 thread shaft.Please note, some USA and MOST Import Jacksons and Charvels came with METRIC threaded switch shafts, so these will not fit. I may be able to help with that though, please send me an email with your interests. Black/Cream/Black $10 TRCjcr-6 JT6 Replacement Tremolo Bars While these are not genuine Jackson/Charvel Parts,these are a low cost alternative for those who want to do mild tremolo work. These bars do not have much friction, and will “swing” freely in the socket. Unfortunately the upgrade bushings are no longer available. Available in chrome or black plated steel. Black : TB-EDGBR $12.00 Chrome: TB-EDGCR $12.00 The brass are not clear coated, this means that they will tarnish as it's brass, not gold plating. Relic'd Brass finish : $18.00 HWjp-1 Polished Brass Finish: $18.00 HWjp-2 New “Industrious” Pattern These are milled to a grid pattern and can be anodized or just left natural. Polished Brass $40.00 Each Control or V String thru Plate Polished Aluminum $38.00 Each Control or V String thru Plate Engraving is Available ! Brass & Aluminum Jack Plates ! Faux Carbon Fiber (plastic): $17.00 each plate