Contact Email Me: HERE My engravings are machine engraved, and not laser engravings that don't use a quality material. Unfortunately a lot of folks are under the misconception that truss rod covers like "Gibson's" are engraved. They aren't, they're hot stamped or laser engraved and not machine engraved at all any more. Maybe they've done some Limited Edition covers, but they're regular production models are not. Mine are truly engraved, so feel confident of what you'll be receiving is the real deal. A few examples for you are shown below and to give you an idea of pricing for a black brushed anodized Jackson/Charvel Truss rod cover engraved with a symbol, Initials or words, you'll be looking at around $25.00, while most plastics will be $17. A word on "Fonts" If you have a font in mind, don't hesitate to ask me if I can use it as it's always possible. Click Here to download a PDF file on the fonts I can do in "most" situations, but not all. If you're interested in a specific font from this list, let me know what "Type #" you'd like. There are limitations when it comes to some plastics because you have to engrave through a top layer of plastic and sometimes you just can't get very detailed fonts to come out looking correctly. Now some plastics with a thin cap and anodized metal parts are a different story because they have only a layer of hardened color to get through and you can get a little more detail by using a finer pointed cutter. Click here for info on materials and finishes. Some examples in black brushed and satin aluminum: Some examples in Satin and polished aluminum (satin on left) and Brass: A comparison of black brushed aluminum and black satin aluminum. (Satin is on right) Some examples in Plastics: Some examples in Gibson & Epiphone: Signatures too!: Custom Switch Washer Plates: Les Paul type switch plates are also available for the Free-Way Switches, so use your imagination!!. These can be used on any guitar that has a switch thread of 1/2" or smaller. These are made from plastic/vinyl sign material and is the original thickness of a standard Les Paul Switch Plate. Any words can be used as long as I can fit them in the space available, so let me know your ideas- For the plastic parts shown below, these will run around $17 depending on what's being engraved. NOTE* I've had some customers concerned with how far away the "words" were engraved from the center mounting hole. This is needed to make room when the nut is installed for the switch, the "words" will be centered and located properly. Covers and other Parts Amplifier and Case Badges Neck Plates Introducing Pickup Cover Engraving! Click Here!! I can now engrave Plastic Pickup Covers and EMG Metal Works Covers. PickGuards Natural Domestic and Exotic Wood, in Oil or Natural finished Engraving is available, but not in all fonts because of wood grain limitations. Click the picture to the left to download the available fonts for all covers in a PDF format. Click the picture to the right to download the available fonts for Toggle Switch Covers in a PDF format. Knobs