Contact Email Me: HERE Introducing Pickup Cover Engraving! I can now engrave Plastic Pickup Covers and EMG Metal Works Covers. Images above of EMG Metal Works Covers Engraved Images above of Plastic Pickup Covers Engraved I can NOT engrave covers that are Clear Coated or that are Plated. This is because when engraved, these types of covers can chip and tear, and make a mess of the plating and clear coating. If they are Solid (non- clear coated) Brass, or Stainless Steel, I can engrave them for you. Please let me know the exact brand and model of the pickup/cover, and what you’d like engraved. Please realized not everything/anything can be engraved, but I will do my best to give you exactly what you’d like done for you. To have this service done for you, this involves you sending your Pickups/Pickup covers to me. Please pack them well, and insure them for their worth as I will not be responsible for any loss or damages that occur.