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A Tutorial on Fitting My Modified Modern Schaller Tremolo Bar to the JT6 Jackson/Charvel Trem
This is a picture tutorial for those who have questions on how to install the JT6 to Floyd Type Conversion bars that I sell for the Jackson Logo'd JT6 Tremolos. *CAUTION* I take no responsibility for any damage you may incure to your guitar or yourself. If you have doubts that you are not mechanically inclined to do this modification, seek out your local guitar tech or dealer to do this for you.
Step: 1 Remove the tremolo from your guitar and flip it over as shown below. Step:2 Remove the spring retaining screw and the spring. Your spring may look a little different than mine but it's the same process. Step:3 Remove the socket retaining nut from the tremolo bar socket. Step:4 Next, get a large regular blade screwdriver or other item that fits BOTH slots of the TOP of the tremolo bar socket, and unscrew this from the top side of the tremolo. A word of caution here: If you plan on restoring your tremolo back to original, find something to unscrew this socket that fits the slots VERY well as these are soft and will "mush" over if you're not careful. Just take your time. Step:5 Get the new socket conversion parts ready to install as shown below. Step:6 Slide the socket through the top of the tremolo baseplate as shown below. Step:7 Install the bottom part of the socket retainer and tighten it up with 3mm Allen Wrench. If you need one, let me know. As always, there is no need to over tighten! Step:8 Install the trem back into your guitar and enjoy!