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Dimas (Smaller style) Brushed Aluminum
$16.00 each SWD-BA
Switch Tips All switch tips shown below fit Switchcraft switches or any other brand with an 8-32 thread shaft. Please note, some USA and MOST Import Jacksons and Charvels came with METRIC threaded switch shafts, so these will not fit. I may be able to help with that though, please send me an email with your interests. For those of you who are looking for SwitchCraft switches, Please click HERE A note on shapes and thread sizes. Jackson/Charvel used to really have 2 shapes at one point in time. It used to be the early (smaller) Dimas size tips that were only 8-32 threads (that I have ever seen). Then came along the Ontario era (larger) size tips that started as 8-32 but evovled into Metric sizes. A very noticeable size change was the “Pro Mod” metric series tips that have a tiny threaded shaft. These had slightly curved lower sides and a much larger diameter top face. There were quite a few different metric sizes as well and there are even more now. On the lower priced models, I’ve seen some switches that didn’t even have real machined threads on the metal shafts ( they were cast that way) and the plastic tips were just turned/formed onto the fake threaded shaft. Through the later years I have seen some variation of the tip shapes and it would be impossible for me to make ALL sizes and shapes. I make mine in 3 different shapes that are clearly shown below. The Dimas, Ontario, and the Pro Mod sizes. I can make the Dimas and the Ontario size tips with the thin Pro Mod thread size, but will cost a bit more because of the separate machine setup. The Pro Mod cannot be made with the 8-32 threads as the shaft size is just too large for the Pro Mod tip stem.
Dimas (Smaller style) Brushed Brass
$16.00 each SWD-BB
Dimas (Smaller style) Satin Aluminum
$16.00 each SWD-SA
Ontario (Larger style) Brushed Brass
$16.00 each SWO-BB
Ontario (Larger style) Polished Brass
Ontario (Larger style) Black Brushed Anodized Aluminum
$16.00 each SWO-PB
$16.00 each SWO-BBA
Ontario (Larger style) Black Brushed Plastic
$13.00 each SWO-BBP
Ontario (Larger style) Relic’d Brass
$16.00 each SWO-RB
FOTN “Bat” Relic’d Brass
$17.00 each SWFB-RB
FOTN “Bat” Brushed Aluminum
$17.00 each SWFB-BA
Dimas (Smaller style) Black Brushed Plastic
$13.00 each SWD-BBP
Dimas (Smaller style) Polished Aluminum
$16.00 each SWD-PA
Dimas (Smaller style) Black Brushed Anodized Aluminum
$16.00 each SWD-BBA
Dimas (Smaller style) Black Satin Anodized Aluminum
$16.00 each SWD-SBA
Dimas (Smaller style) Relic’d Brass
$16.00 each SWD-RB
Dimas (Smaller style) Polished Brass
$16.00 each SWD-PB
Dimas (Smaller style) Satin Brass
$16.00 each SWD-SB
Jackson / Charvel Ontario Size Switch Tips These are the larger size tips that were fit onto the later Ontario Era Guitars
Ontario (Larger style) Black Satin Anodized Aluminum
$16.00 each SWO-SBA
Ontario (Larger style) Satin Brass
$16.00 each SWO-SB
Ontario (Larger style) Polished Aluminum
$16.00 each SWO-PA
Ontario (Larger style) Brushed Aluminum
$16.00 each SWO-BA
Ontario (Larger style) Satin Aluminum
$16.00 each SWO-SA
Frets On The Net Switch Tips These are my own “FOTN” Designs
Schaller Gold and Chrome Plated Brass Switch Tips These are actual Schaller made switch tips
FOTN “Bat” Satin Aluminum
$17.00 each SWFB-SA Picture coming Soon
FOTN “Bat” Polished Aluminum
$17.00 each SWFB-PA
FOTN “Bat” Brushed Brass
$17.00 each SWFB-BB
FOTN “Bat” Polished Brass
$17.00 each SWFB-PB
FOTN “Bat” Black Satin Anodized Aluminum
$17.00 each SWFB-SBA Picture coming Soon
FOTN “Bat” Black Brushed Anodized Aluminum
$17.00 each SWFB-BBA
FOTN “Bat” Satin Brass
$17.00 each SWFB-SB
Schaller Gold Plated Brass
$6.00 each SWAL-G
Schaller Chrome Plated Brass
$6.00 each SWAL-C
Charvel Import Pro Mod and EMG B289 or B289V Switch Tips These are a special thread, and a special shape all their own made to Charvel Pro Mod Specs.
$16.00 each SWPM-BBA
Black Brushed Anodized Aluminum
Switchcraft Switch Tips These are actual Switchcraft made switch tips with 8-32 threads for those who want the original black plastic style.
$2.00 each HWSWCR-T
These are the smaller size tips that were fit onto the early Dimas Era Guitars
Jackson / Charvel Dimas Size Switch Tips
Polished Aluminum
$16.00 each SWPM-PA
$16.00 each SWPM-NBA
Natural Brushed Aluminum