News GOTOH Battery Boxes Can be installed in the body after it's been routed by you or these can be installed in your rear cover  plates (if there's room!), which I can do here for you.  Please click here for details. $12.00 Each HWbc-1 A few examples of the box mounted into Covers: A few important dimensions you might like: L= 2-3/4" X W= 1-9/64ths" Depth is as shown to the right where it's 1-5/16ths from under the mounting lip. $12.00 each  HWsw-1 Original "Paddle" style pickup and boost switches  These are used as the pickup switches on Model 6's and 4's and were also used on the boost systems and other electronics used by Jackson/Charvel guitars.  Recently I had a customer complain that this is a double pole switch, and not a single pole. Just for your info, double pole switches were also used in the Model 4's and 6's, it just depends on the year of production. They still wire up the same way, the double pole just gives more options.  $6.00 each  JCH-6  Solid Brass Grounding Plates So far, these are available for all Model Series Charvels,  Usa Ontario Cavities (3 & 4 hole), Original Dimas Cavity  and King V cavities. (I don't have the smaller triangle cavity used in the 90's and some soloists as of yet.) Email Me: HERE Replacement Screws for the Jackson/ Charvel “Special” 5- Way Switch Comes as a set of 2 $1.00 per set of 2  HWSsw-1 Replacement Screws for the  Charvel Plastic 3- Way Switch As found on the Model 7 and Legend Tele style. Comes as a set of 2 HWSsw-2 $1.00 per set of 2  Switching Output Jacks  These are used in countless guitars and are used as a typical output jack, with the ability to remove power, when the cord/plug is removed from the output jack. $6.00 each  HWswo-1 $9.00 each  HWswCJP-1 GOTOH Output JackPlates  These are used in many guitars and fit Fender Stratocasters to Jackson Rhoads.