Contact Email Me: HERE Page 12: Pics & Testimonials (just click on the pics to see larger pics!) Hi Dave, just wanted to let you know that I have received the parts today and I just finished installing everything on this old guitar.... Brought it right back to life!!! That output jack 'poker chip' looks absolutely fantastic. I decided to leave the washer out and carefully tighten the jack nut against the washer which you made. Looks great!!! The truss cover fit perfect and so did the tremolo cover. The brushed aluminum looks classy and gives that 'rich look' even after they will age for a bit.  Thank you very much for everything.  -Fred Thanks!!!!! Love it! It’s awesome!  -Frederick H   Schecter Engraved TRC Dave, Just wanted to reach out and say “Thank You” for the work you did on this custom truss rod cover.  The customer is very happy to have the proper look back on his guitar. Thanks again, Ray Gibson TRC Smart Wood Morning Dave, Here's the finished job, using your rings on my Ibanez bass. Looks good to me! -Howard G Bass mod pickup rings Hi mate. Thank you so much for the pick up rings.The finishing touches to my guitars. Thank you, Eddie  Rings For Charvel DST1-FR star and my DST3-FR star Dave, I installed it and it looks great! Recently had stainless steel frets put in, new nut, new graphteq bridge pins, chrome tuners, etc. Really came out nice! Thanks again!JC - truss rod cover engraved Don't Tread On Me James S W Carvin Aged Brass rings Thanks Dave - these are awesome! Haven’t drilled them down yet but looking great. Best, JD Jazz Bass Pickup Rings in Polished Aluminum Hi Dave! Just to thank you, you have done a great job. I can´t tell the difference from the original. Best Regards, Jorge Gibson TRC Engraved Hi Dave. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Just wanted to share with you some pics of the final result of your pieces on the RR3. It turned out great! Jose V  Jackson RR3 Japanese - Control panel and Truss Rod cover plate. DAAAAAAAAAAAVE! Thank you! The covers fit perfectly! (I was a lil worried about the Dean) Also, thank you for remembering the screws. YOU ARE THE MOTHERFUCKING MAN! Testimonial: I was looking for some cool truss rod covers for a rare out-of-production Dean bass. I couldn't find them anywhere. After scouring the web, I contacted Dave at FOTN. He was on point every step of the way and was able to take my ideas and transform them into very cool pieces to customize my instruments (I also commissioned a truss rod cover for another guitar I had laying around). I sent him a crappy hand-traced template and a few weeks later he sent me back two sick custom truss rod covers. One was a Shredder helmet for a silver Schecter Diamond Series which magically transformed it into the Six- Star Super Shredder and the other was an OMEGA symbol for the Dean thusly becoming OMEGA Red (It's heavy AF). I couldn't be happier with the finished product and would definitely recommend Dave's work as I know I'll be commissioning more pieces from him in the future.Thanks, Dave! - Kale from Florida Dave the rings arrived today and WOW!  I am genuinely blown away.  They look good, sturdy and most of all they fit and do what was needed.  Thank you so.  Is there somewhere I can sing your praises?   "Have Univox Coily with odd sized pickup rings.  Dave was able to make a pair so I could use standard size pickups.  Look great, sturdy and best of all they work.  Regular pickups in a ring that fits the guitar.  Killer - Thanks Dave, Larry W   Univox Coily Pickup Rings Dave, the truss rod cover just arrived. It fits great and looks even better. Black matches perfect as well the screw hole. My guitar is once again complete!! Thanks again. Lee H  Jackson SLATHXMG M 3-6 TRC I already received the parts and they perfectly fit. I lined them up today and looking great. Thank you so much. - Lemuel S   Ibanez S8QM TRB Pickup Rings Hi Dave, The engraved cover finally arrived !  Darmn Memphis postoffices had this so screwed up they kept sending it to different post offices around the city for weeks !  It was pretty crazy ! And it even had the correct address on it. But its finally here thanks for gub-mint efficiency and looking good, THANKS !! Here's a few shots, what started life as a Gibson melody Maker is now a cross between a Melody Maker and a Les Paul Junior. -Marcus F  Melody Maker Junior TRC Thank you! By the way I'm sending you a photo of what the Artisan TRC looks like on the guitar. Chris C   TRC for Epiphone Artisan Your Artwork at a display .Cool and Very Happy Les Paul Emoji. You are The Master of Your Craft ,Thank You Very Much Dave . I do really appreciate it , Sincerely Philip C Modded Les Paul TRC Hi Dave, I bought an aluminum surround from you a while back for a DIY Rickenbacker- style bass kit project. Just wanted to drop you a line and show you the final result. I really think your surround is what ties the whole kit together. Thanks again for the great work! Best, -ravi s  Jazz pickup Surrond for DIY Rickenbacker-style bass kit project I just received my truss rod cover and all i can say is wow it is great. I looked everywhere and yes there was places that would make them but they looked low end to me i found fretsonthenet and Dave was great he talked with me about what i wanted for about 1 month before i ordered it.the time frame was good for a custom piece. i got it and the fit was spot on it was not printed it was truly etched just as i wanted. Oh i forgot to mention i tried to find one on line everywhere no one had one not even eBay or Epiphone so it had to be custom made. The price was great i thought it would be a lot more.All i can say if i need anything i will be using fretsonthe net.Thanks so much Dave it looks amazing my favorite guitar is now whole again.I believe if a company does a great job on something people should know about this there are to many company that don't care about the customer but this one does thanks again. Ibanez AX120 White Pearloid Rings and TRC Hello Dave....wanted to drop you a note to once again tell you what an outstanding job you did on the pickup rings for my Keith Roscoe Century Plus 5 P/J! They fit as though they came from Roscoe guitars as standard equipment. I am in the process of changing the hardware to all black. This is the second time I've contacted you about pickup rings and as in the first instance you hit the mark of excellence perfectly. Working with you on dimensions, materials, etc couldn't be easier. I have and will continue to recommend your services to anyone who needs parts for their instrument. I've enclosed a couple of before and after images. Thanks again Dave for the exceptional job you did for me.                                                                        Regards, Ron D-  Roscoe Century Standard Plus5PJ FOTN Black Brushed Aluminum Anodized Rings Beautiful work, Dave!  Everything fit perfectly! Worth every penny, and the wait!  Oh, the aluminum rings did a great job of controlling the bulging pick guard also.  So that was a good call to change that material spec.  It worked. The Zoso truss rod cover looks great.  Best Regards, Eric Hi Dave! Fantastic work again. Excellent craftsmanship. Steven P   Ibanez Roadstar Lefty Pickguard Hi Dave, Just wanted to let you know I finally got the pickup rings installed and they turned out beautifully. I’ve included a picture of the finished installation if you wish to use it on your site - I can clean up the body and make a prettier picture without fingerprints as well.  Thanks! Ben U  PRS SE 7 string white pearloid pickup rings and TRC engraved Dave, love the signature covers on my Taylor T5s. The glossy finish and white bevel compliments the headstock finish and binding much better than the original dull black matte finish of the original. I will send a pic or two next week on the two, now dubbed the Egocentric 1 and Egocentric 2 : ) Excellent work! Wayne H Here it is, came out great! Thanks again, Wil. Hello Dave, Sorry it took so long. It took bit longer to finish my Les Paul as I ended up changing more parts than I first thought. Anyway, your pickup rings are absolutely perfect and look amazing! You can find images attached. Thank you once more. If I ever need custom made plastic parts for my guitars, I know who to contact to. Br, -Jussi Received the pickup rings. They fit perfectly. You will stay on my list for future work. Cheers- Pickup rings made of Black Anodized Aluminum Rhoads with brass control, V, and RR angraved Truss Rod Cover Hey Dave, I received the bar for my ST Custom. Fits great and looks even better. Nice work! It's been great doing business with you. I will definately be using you again in the future. Here is a picture of this fine guitar ressurected, Thanks again, Tony St.Louis Dave: Here are two pics of the Hagstrom “Thin Lizzy/John Sykes” black and chrome Super Swede that I put together in part using the “Black Rose” truss rod cover you made up for me. Mods were: Your Truss Rod Cover, Chromed the pickguard, Chromed the pickup rings, Studded strap from Franklin in TN, Chrome Toggle Switch Ring, Railhammer Pickups with large poles.-Glenn Hi Dave, I wanted to say thanks so much for the pick guard. It’s going to fit like a charm. The quality and craftsmanship of the pick guard is superb. I will make sure to send a few photos once the guitar is rebuilt in a bout a month due to clear coat curing. Thanks again, - Steve thank you VERY MUCH! -Ken Saunders (Before and after showing the olished aluminum pickup rings) Hey,  Juse wanted to take time and thank you for your help and taking the time to actually help me.that's rare these are providing very cool products with superior supports and I apreciate it a great deal.I will be back. Paul Thompson Dave,I wanted to send you this picture of the guitars I built using your awesome pickup rings. They turned out great.  On the red one, your pickup ring covered a multitude of sins by the previous owner. Thanks for your tidy work on these - they worked out great for me. -Hunter Harrison Just received my ring. Looks very nice, and fits like a glove. I appreciate the quality and quick turnaround time. I work at guitar center so i will definitely be letting people know about your business when people are swapping out pickups and need a custom made ring. -Jonathan Mullen Hi Dave, I just wanted to show you the final picture of the truss rod cover you made for me. I had to replace the nut on this guitar, but your cut the truss rod so correctly, it fits perfectly. I'm really happy with the results. See attached image, and feel free to show it off on your website as work you've done if you wish. Take care, Robert D Hi Dave!  Here's some photos! Thanks again for the great job! -Glen Brass Control Knobs and Brass fine tuners for the bridge ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------