Contact Email Me: HERE Page 11: Pics & Testimonials (just click on the pics to see larger pics!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave, Wow. She sure is beautiful. I think maybe I need to rub in a little oil to get more of a sheen to match the knobs - what do you think? I need to order new pots/switch/jack before putting those knobs on as well - sorry for the "still a work in progress" photo but I wanted you to see the parts on the guitar. Couldn't be happier with the parts. The rings fit perfectly and that feels like a small miracle! Thanks Dave, It looks great - Adrian Hi Dave, I just wanted to let you know that the pickup rings arrived, are installed, and look great.  Thanks for doing an awesome job.  I love this guitar but always felt like my eyes were drawn to the cream colored pickup rings and not the figured maple top.  Now the rings blend in and I think the wood figure shows even better. I'm attaching the before and after photos for you. Happy New Year!   -ap Thanks for a job well done… I love the look of this bass. Peace -Anthony B Hi Dave, Got the parts today....Awesome! Everything fits perfectly (Jackson DX10) . A very professional job and experience. Thanks! -Basil Dave, It’s incredibly awesome. Fits like a glove.  Thanks for the greet service. I’ll come back for more in the future. This will make the Scottsdale Jackson headquarters jealous. Brian B.- Jackson 2017 SL1 plate trem spring window Brian D - ESP 80's TRC Hey, got them today, and put them on. I dont know how you got the notches so perfect but what you did looks like factory cutouts of the notch for the kahlers. Amazing. Brooks- Christopher B - Wow!  Looks incredible. Thank you again so much. Can’t wait to get it on my ax!! white truss rod cover with the block letters ESP in black Hi Dave- I noticed you have customers pictures of your work on the site, here's a few of my Bolt that you made the covers for if you want to post them.. thanks again and I'll be back soon for a few things- Cory M Kiesel pickguard and trc Received the Flying V truss rod cover today. I love it! Thank you s much. I had already changed to an aluminum nut and chrome tuners, so your truss rod cover was the icing on the cake! I used a vinyl decal for the Gibson name and sprayed it with clear lacquer. Just so you know, this is a real Gibson... I just wanted a different look. Here are before and after pics. I'll definitely be doing more business with you in the future. Thanks, Darrin -Flying V truss rod cover David S’s Tele Plus Dually Defraim S PRS Narrowfield black plastic Got the TRC, looks great thanks!! Derald S - SG and Diamond SG truss rod cover Dwight A’s beautiful sentiment for his wife - “Sally”-  Gibson Les Paul truss cover Great job buddy I'm really pleased with them thank you- Glenn D- Musicman 4 String Bass Pickup Rings Hi Dave, Beautiful work, man.  It’s just the crowning touch on this bass.  Absolutely beautiful.  By the way, on the unofficial Warmoth forum, it was named guitar of the month.  -Hans L - Peace neck plate Dave, Got the parts today. They look great. Fit perfectly. Bass now back in great shape. Thank you!! Jim  C - Peavey T40 pickup mounting rings Hi Dave, Just wanted to take a minute to thank you. The ring fits perfectly. What a great service you provide!! I was lucky to stumble across "Frets on the Net" on one of the many gear blogs I research. I will be sure to put your name out there with glowing praise as well. Thanks again. Sincerely,  Jim G Dave,.......WOW !No other words except thank you man. They're both just amazing. I just went past 3 months clean and I honestly couldn't be happier, more so now 'My Nemesis' has its badge on it. Please use this photo for whatever you want to on your website and when the other LTD arrives I'll send the other photo. Top work my friend, you're an artist and I genuinely feel very lucky to have this. Thank you so Much.Mark. J-  LTD EC 401 _ 1000 Thanks again Dave for the neck plate and pup rings.  Really caps off my mahogany Strat build and your Dimas switch tips are the perfect thing for my Charvel style Tele build.  -Mark O Dave, got the plate yesterday and put it on today. Looks fantastic you did an excellent job thank you so - Best Regards, Mark P Dear Dave, hi, I finally received my pickup rings. It fits my trembucker perfectly. You'd better add "trembucker ring" on your website. Thank you so much. Morihisa T ..and here it is, fits nice & snug, i can rest my thumb on it and it aligns perfectly with the pickup’s height, thanks so much! All the best, -Nick Oversized Thunderbird Pickup Rings for Kawai F2B Rings arrived safe and sound. Thanks again for your help! Paul H - Pickup rings for 1984 Gibson Explorer Bass DAVE,  A MILLION THANKS! It’s feels good to see my guitar project complete. You are the MAN! - PERFECT FIT - PERFECT COLOR - I appreciate all your hard work to deliver a quality product.- Rex O JACKSON KELLY KE3 Hi David, Just wanted to drop you a line to advise that the Trust cover arrived today and it looks great!!  Thank you again for sharing your art with me and making my instruments continually pop!  :-)   -Richard A  Ibanez AM-153-DBS Dave, Attached is a pic of the 2 guitars. Your pickup rings are second to none. Thanks, Rob S -  EMG 707 To Passive Conversion IR Rings ESPLTD M307 models Meant to let you know earlier, but I received the truss cover and it is just beautiful.  I have attached a pic for you, so you can admire your work. Thanks every so much for this.  My uncle did cry, he was so happy that the guitar looks so good now. Sherrie K -  Gibson MK 35 built in 1975 Sudi D -  Pold alum engraved iron cross toggle washer.   Hi Dave! I just wanted to thank you for the great work on the pickup rings. They fit perfectly and look great! Best!  Tom P-  Custom Pickup Rings Epi ET-275 It looks amazing! Thank you and I will be in touch about the pickguard and Jack covers....Walter C-  Epiphone 58 Flying V reissue Hi Dave, I’ve send you 2 pics of my Peavey T40 bass with your picup rings ! Cheerz and greetz from Belgium. WiM - T40 bass Black Brushed Anodized Aluminum pick-up rings Dave, Received the pickup rings and tonight I finished the refurb. Electronics all done, rings changed and a complete cleaning and polish before setup. Thanks for making this possible. Thanks Dave!! Perfect!! -Chad W 5150/B4129 Diamond Drag Engraved  neck plate Dave, I just wanted to check back in and say “thank you”!  Outstanding work here; the cover looks like an original and I can officially call this guitar complete. I won’t hesitate to recommend your services to others.  I appreciate the prompt communication and delivery as well.  Have a good day, -Chris S Hamer Truss Rod Cover Hey Mr. Dave. Craig S again...I have received Your pickup trim rings. First May I say, I am a grumpy old, perfectionist. And usually am not satisfied until anything I do or build, is at least 20% better than perfect. That being said, I am informing You that Your product has exceeded My expectations ten fold. Or as My granddaughter would say OMG!!!!! NOBODY has a Fender jazz bass that looks this awesome!!! Thank You so very much. My 61st. Birthday Bass is complete, and now the Flagship of My collection...Thanks again My Friend...Sincerely Yours, Craig S Dave, Everything arrived this morning and the plates and screws are PERFECT. Many thanks. Regards, David B FB and A5 Hamer trem plate EARLY Models Thought you might want to see how she came out -David S-   Rickenbacker pickup ring Hi Dave, I've received the part (RM-Pro II trem bar friction bushing), it's beautifully made and has stoppped my trem bar rattling. Thanks, Rob Hi Dave, Just received my TRC. See pic.Many thanks, it's exactly what I wanted and beautifully made - first class engraving - great job. I can't wait to casually show it off - I expect all who see it will want one! Thanks,Barry D  George Benson Engraved Wood TRC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------