Contact Email Me: HERE Page 10: Pics & Testimonials (just click on the pics to see larger pics!) “Hi Dave, the riser arrived and installed great - just what I needed to finish the project  - thanks again!” This was a riser needed for a  Curtis Novak BS-DS pickup for a beautiful “bird”! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, I got my toggle switch tip/knob a couple days ago. Attached are some pictures of it and the guitar. It's been al long time coming, but now I'm (all) golden thanks to you. Keep up the great work. Peter K ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave! The parts arrived today. Damn, if it hadn't been easter holiday last friday I would've had that engraved trussrod cover on my RR at our Sepultura tribute gig last friday that we did! :( But WOW, I was blown away when I opened the package! Your craftmanship is awesome! I knew you're good but man that engraving is just BAD ASS! I love it! Thanks so much again! You're the man!  -Juha ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1988 Jackson LTD Here's the guitar, if your interested in seeing it.  Thanks again sir, so happy to have this one back in working condition! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello My Friend, As promised, here are a few pics of your handiwork installed on my 1993 Melobar Skreemr SK6. Man, did those pieces fit like a glove and actually improved the functionality and original look of the guitar. The Phat-Cat P-90 is a real bruiser and loves the 60-44-37-33-26-23 strings. I couldn’t have done this without you mang! I’m looking towards my next project already... many thanks!  Darwin Control Plate                                                                                        Pickup Ring ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave, I finally got the new pickups installed… The rings work Awesome!!!!!   Thanks so much for all your hard work, I am going to send these to Eastwood and see what they think. I’m still waiting for the black knobs, and Bigsby B7. The guitar quality is excellent, but the pickups were really bad. Now I would put it up against any ES on the market. Thanks again, Mark ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Eastwood Classic 6 Dave,  I received it today – it is perfect! Thanks so much for guiding me through the process, asking me the right questions, and answering all of my questions. I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience. Regards,  Alan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, thanks again for your contribution to this project.  The pickup rings are easy to see in this photo but the truss rod cover not so much. (It looks awesome, anyhow) It was great that we got the measurements we did for the rings.  The bridge pickup is REALLY thick because of the massive magnets in it so the thicker pickup was necessary to fit it into the rout!  So, here's the beauty!  It sounds MENACING, just how it looks. Godin Redline III ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ More than "help" Dave ... Take a look at the attached before/after shots.  So much better.  With the care and attention to detail Duesenberg puts into their  instruments, you'd think they would have gotten this (Cream/Black?Cream Pickguard) right in the first place. Again, your work precedes you, Dave.  I'm extremely pleased!  Thanks.  Mark Before                                                                         After ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, I just wanted you to know that I received the truss rod cover yesterday, and I am very happy with it. The quality, and appearance is just outstanding. It looks great on my Les Paul. Just what I was looking for. If you ever need a reference, please feel free to use me. Thanks again. Mike… ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, got the pickup ring yesterday and its a work of art. I am very impressed with it, thanks again, I really can't see how you make any money out of doing this, I'm just glad you are doing it and appreciate your effort!   take care,  Grant Before                                                                            After ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, The backplate (black Brushed Anodized Aluminum Trem Cover)  you made for me just arrived, You did a super job and it looks great.  Many Thanks, Gary Hey Dave,  This arrived this morning. As always, I couldn't be happier. It adds another dimension the headstock that it never had before. I am forever grateful, Kind regards, Ian ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Dave, It has been some time since I received the pickup rings you made for my old epiphone / lyle hollowbody. I have finally finished some work on the guitar and wanted to say thanks again for your help in retrofitting the guitar for minihumbuckers. I think your product is excellent. I am attaching a few photos so you can see the finished project. Best, Chris H. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave,    So after much time and patience, the guitar is complete!!! (The Brass plates, switch plate and rings are beautiful!) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Just thought I'd let you know the mounts turned out great Dave. Very happy with how it looks. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello Dave!! I was out of town over the weekend, getting home yesterday, this message has been slightly delayed.  The parts arrived safe and sound on Friday.  I checked everything out last night...and man, I have to say THANK YOU for an outstanding job!!   Everything fits like a glove, like it came straight from the factory!!  Awesome... Many thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future!! Take care and all the best!  Brian ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, I just wanted to let you know that the 4 fine tuning screws for the Fender bridge arrived in the mail yesterday, thanks very much for everything. You have them advertised as fine tuning screws for a Fender Elite Bridge but I thought I’d send you a couple of pictures of the bridge on my 1990 Fender Precision Bass Plus (these were made between 1989 to 1993 using the bridges from the older Elite models). The screws do have a smaller head on them that the originals did but the threads are a perfect fit for the Fender Precision Plus models and work just as well. I have looked all over for replacement parts for this bridge but they have been long out of production and even Schaller who made them for Fender doesn’t have anything that will fit.  Thanks again for your help and if you want to use one of these pics for your site you are welcome to do so. Dave M. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey man thanks for everything my guitar looks a lot more better good work! Before                                                     After ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, here are some pictures. Looks really cool from. Thank you again regards Alfred ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave! I got the parts on Monday (I think) and installed them the same night. Looks great :) I attached some pictures. The brushed finish looks stunning and blends perfectly with the headstock. The custom washer on the LP was a bit hard to center perfectly but it was worth it :)  I love the way it looks. If you happen to find a black round switch nut to go with it, please kindly let me know. That would perfect the look I think. The engraved cover is great, blends fine with the headstock as well and the engraving shines :) Thanks for the quality work! I will recommend, although the best advertising is simply people seeing the guitar by themselves. Have a good day. Best regards, Antonin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave - Rings received and installed today, Freaking awesome!!! check it out - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, I received the pickup rings and just wanted to say thanks for the awesome work and quick delivery. I'll definitely come back to you if I need more parts. Have a great weekend!    Alex. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wow!  Thanks for your excellent work! (”V” and Control Cover Plates) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave,  Got her put together.  She looks and sounds great! Thanks so much for the work you did. Truly top notch. Here are the pics I promised you. Have a great weekend. Regards, Brian Engraved Bird Pickguard, Engraved Truss Rod Cover, Pickup Rings, all in Black Satin Anodized Aluminum ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Received and installed! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, Better late than is the end result of your work on my Vanguard Special e-cavity cover. Some people might poo poo this change, but IMHO it makes the back of the bass light up, and is how the factory should of done it. As always you are my go-to guy. Many Thanks!  Darwin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Here's a shot of Kathleen, my Charvel Model 5. I'm beyond pleased with the new rings and control cover, which arrived this afternoon. The quality is superior to the originals! Kathleen thanks you for the face lift. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave - just thought you might be interested in the finished project with your custom PUP Rings.  I think your product looks outstanding on this guitar. I really appreciate the attention to detail in your product. The custom cut of the ring for the P-Rails and Quarter Pound PUP really shows attention to detail and gives this more of a custom look. Definitely will be a return customer here for PUP Rings and custom aluminum parts. Thank you. You may use the pictures on your website. However, please leave my name off entirely and credit the builder  - NW Custom Guitars (Ric Nerby). He took my first timer's dye job on the body and knobs and made it really work when he applied the clear coats. He is the one that clear coated, assembled everything  (incl installing your PUP Rings), and did a phenomenal set up.