Contact Email Me: HERE Dave, The pickup rings arrived today.  Amazing job!  They are a perfect fit, and give the guitar a very  finished look.  I've attached before/after pics if you're interested in adding them to your website. Again, amazing job.  Thanks for getting these back to me in such a short time. Michael ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, Hope all is well.  Here are the pickup rings you made for me many years ago, finally on my latest Neal Moser custom order. Cheers, Len ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is quite a nice collection Len has, just glad to be a part of them all. thought you might like to see your handiwork. Thanks very much Dave. Yours in Christ, Phillip ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, Just wanted to show you my Jackson RR5 with it's brass pickup rings and truss rod cover. It's now perfect. Thanks again, Seth. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave got the parts installed today . first things ... a Big Thank you for doing such quality work , the parts are fantastic ! Love it !  Appreciate all of your help getting them all together . Here are some links of the final project . Feel free to snag any of them that catch your eye . Thanks again , Cheers , Scott ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Scott has been a guitar building machine here lately as you can see! He’s got a great eye for detail and I appreciate him letting me be a part of his masterpieces. I normally do not do pickguards, but I was able to do his because of the smaller size. After finally getting my hands on a Dremel, I was able to start routing my guitars for the EMG 707 pickups. But in order to do this, I needed the routing template to cut the cavities to the right size and shape. Rick @ EMG recommended I head to "Frets On The Net" and talk to Dave, as he has made these routing templates before and could make one for me. Well not only did Dave make me a custom sized EMG 707 routing template, he's also made me 2 sets of his EMG 707 pickup rings and a Custom-made set of angled DiMarzio/Seymour Duncan 7-string pickup rings (angled rings that you could find anywhere back in the day, but can't find to save your life now...). The pickup rings and the template are awesome, both in quality, finish and functionality. It was after routing my ESP Kamikaze-1 7-string that the first set of EMG 707 rings went on. Once they went on the guitar, it was an instant win! The rings make the guitar look sooooo much better - in addition to hiding any mistakes in the actual routing job itself (which thankfully wasn't bad at all for my first ever routing job :) ...). So here's the pics of my Custom ESP 7-strings with Dave's awesome pickup rings. I'll definitely be doing more business with Dave again in the future as well as recommend him to anyone else looking for custom-made and hard to find parts! Dave, you're the man!!! I can't thank you enough for the awesome stuff you've done for me!!!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ And yet, another unbelievable collection that I was thrilled to be a part of!! Dave, Here is your truss rod cover on my charvel looks good huh? please post on your website. Thanks again, Warren ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ hey dave, I wanted you to see what your work on my peavey pickup rings helped produce. they  look great and I really like the new chrome screws with them. thanks again !!! kent ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is Marks beautiful Carvin acoustic that he wanted an engraved logo created, and his 25th anniversary Dean truss rod cover as well. Thanks so much for the pics, Mark! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ They’re here! And they’re gorgeous! I’m hoping to be able to perform the surgery this weekend and have some pics for you on Monday. Thank you!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave,I received the polished aluminum pickup rings for my Carvin ST-300 on Friday.  You did a fantastic job!  They match the other chrome hardware on the guitar perfectly!  I'll try and snap a picture at some point.  Thanks again, these are great!! Dustin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave , Thanks again ! I love it !!! Just killer and it looks fantastic on my axe . Here are some pics , feel free to use any that catch your eye . Have a good one , Cheers , Scott This is a black anodized aluminum truss rod cover with the numbers engraved and the edges beveled. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave.  Just a quick thank you for your work on my fine tuners.  They function very well and look even better.  I appreciate it!  Pic attached. Take care, Alex ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, It has been a long time! Here are some pictures of my favorite guitar. My favorite guitar because I can play it. Terry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Got ‘em. Will email pics. They look great. Thanks! Yours in Christ, Phil P. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, today I received the T-bird pickup frames. They are really nice work, thanks a lot. I will sent you a few fotos of my  thunderbird project in july. In autumn I am going to contact you again, concerning my next project, building a doubleneck bass/ mandoline like the one Allen Woody played. There are no frames for the mandoline pickups available, but I am sure you are going to solve this problem as well. Have a nice weekend, Harald ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi again.  Meant to get this out sooner but you know how that goes.  I received the Carvin pickup rings you made and didn't want it to go unsaid of the excellent job you did.  I was impressed with how "clean" they came out showing no tool marks or scratches at all.  My only regret is that I don't have the pickups to install in them right now!  Thanks again Dave for your fine work and I will not hesitate to order from you again in the future when the need arises. Thank You! Neil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello Dave, Hope things are going good for you, Anyway i just finished setting up the guitar that  i have been working on for the last 3-months, Thought i send you some pictures,You had made the Neck Plate for me awhile back Thanks again Frank. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave! I hope you are doing great. I finally got around to use the single-coil pickup rings you  made for me a while back. I put some DiMarzios on them and onto my Carvin. All the pickup rings in the pictures were made by you. :) Please feel free to use these pictures to showcase your great work. Neil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 7: Pics & Testimonials (just click on the pics to see larger pics!) Dave, got the rings in today. Awesome work as always. I've already gone and installed one with a BKP warpig in the Jackson that required the angled ring. Thanks again, Mesh. Hey Dave, got the second one installed in my custom kelly. Once again freaking brilliant. Cheers,Mesh ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, here are the promised Pictures of my Thunderbird Project and me, your Pickup Frames processed. They are one of the essential details of the bass, aren't they ? Keep on building Parts like that ! Harald. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, the pickup rings arrived when I was out of town, I was very excited to see that they had  arrived upon my return.  They look and fit great, thank you for your excellent work.  They really make the bass look nice.  Exactly what I wanted. Take care, Jordan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave i got the bridge today and mounted it along with my emg pre wired pickguard after some  alterations to the pickguard and mounting it i plugged it in and it worked like a dream  thank you so much for your help in repairing this i couldnt have done it without you enclosed is a pic to show you the finished product. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, I am really happy with this pick guard. FANTASTIC! Thanks so much, you will come HIGHLY recommended by me….Vic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, Got the rings in, looks awesome, see photo's. Thanks again ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ A picture of some of your handiwork ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, The pickup rings (Guild S-300) are fantastic; thank you so much! Greg ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, Just wanted to share a photo of my guitar showing the pickguard you made for me!  It fits perfectly and now I just have to get the pick ups and other electronics for the guitar! Thank you for this once more! -Asko (Finland) Hi Dave, Here is my RR pro now fully ready with your pickguard.  Thank you! -Asko ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Thanks for the switch washer for my MIJ  split diamond Burny. It goes great marrying the RR theme with my pickups; Slash pickup in the neck, Dimebucker in the bridge. It's perfect." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ “To date, I’ve only had the pleasure, and it was that, of making a single purchase from Dave at FOTN. It wasn’t even anything sexy or glamorous, it was a tremolo assembly for my weird proprietary old custom shop ESP. Sinclair bridge, for anyone curious. But that single purchase accomplished two very important things. First, it solved my problem. I don’t know if Dave is fabricating to the nanometer, but he somehow managed to craft an adapter that made an aftermarket OFR trem bar fit my bridge better than the original part ever did. The physics of it don’t even make any sense to me, after all, the original bar penetrated even deeper into the bridge than this new set up, but I don’t even care. It works, and it works great. My old Brad Gillis / Reb Beach whammy bar antics are on fire again and it feels great to be back. The second thing Dave accomplishes is much harder to quantify. He brings American Hot Rod culture back to guitars, exactly where it should always be. Over the last 20 years, I’ve watched the average guitar become as soulless as your average automobile. And that’s just sad; there’s no excuse for it. I will admit that everyone needs a vehicle, so you’re always going to have an element who treat it as a utility appliance like a lawnmower or a toaster oven. Fine. But a guitar? Really? If you aren’t using your guitar for self- expression, what the heck are you using it for? A giant alder paperweight? Whether Dave realizes it or not, he’s singlehandedly bringing sexy mojo back to guitars, with custom parts that aren’t just expressive, but they’re well made with painstaking American care. I’ve told him he doesn’t charge enough, and I still stand by that. But I don’t think he’s doing it for the money, he’s doing it for the love, and you can see it in the parts he offers. From this day onward, any time I need an aftermarket part, I will make sure it’s something not available from FOTN before I even think about looking anywhere else. Thanks Dave!” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------