Contact Email Me: HERE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave,  I got the pickguard and installed it today, it fit perfectly. It instantly gave my new RR1 a custom look. Thank you for all of your help and also having the ability to create the part that fit the image I had for the guitar. I really appreciate all your efforts. Mike Dave: Finally got a chance to snap some pics. Permission granted to use these pics for your website, etc. Everything is great, thanks for getting these done! -Mark Designed by Mark ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, Got the switchplate today. WOW !!!!!! Unbelievable. Totally Awesome Job!!!!. And your packing job Outstanding (damn) Took me 10 min. just to unpack (ha, ha), I COULD'NT BE MORE HAPPY!!!!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! I sent along some pics of it on my guitar with the plate on, sorry for the qaulity I'm not a photo taker. If you want feel free to use them in or on your website.Thanks again. I'll be in touch. If you don't mind I will tell everyone I know or asks about your work. Tonyp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Some pickup rings, truss rod cover, and some mice updated rear cover plates, only add to the beautiful instrument that this is...Just wow! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Set of Polished aluminum rings for the Oz Fox Eclipse created by Ian L. and GMW GuitarWorks. Just amazing........ Chris' Beautiful Bass with Polished Aluminum Rings, no? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave, i just got around to put the ring on my tele...It looks WOW!!! Thanks again,-andy   Nice one, Andy, glad to help with the ring! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I got the pup rings and screws. They are PERFECT BTW. Thank You for a job well done. Darell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, The Peavey pickup rings you made for me came out great on my T40 Peavey Bass rebuild and I attached two pics for you to see. Thanks again..Best Regards, Joe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, Wow! They are beautiful! What an excellent job you've done for me! Good thing today  is a national holiday here in Japan. I had big fun installing them myself. I'm sending some before/after pics. Yoshiyuki Murakoshi Japan After: Before: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ hi Dave, I just received the pickup rings. I'm very pleased with the fit and finish on them!  I didn't think it would be this heavy duty, but I'm glad it is.  I think I really got what I paid for.  I'll be spraying them down with some clearcoat and mount them on my bass very soon.  thanks a lot! -isaac ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I finally finished my guitar and wanted to send you a couple pictures of how the pickguard you made looks, you can use them on your website if you want. Thanks for a great product!!!  Gary Kent ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So I got them and installed a set on my 2002 TL60! Thanks and be sure to post these on your website! Once again I look to future orders from you! They are gorgeous thanks for the pup rings. Hey it's a two way street bud! We're doing good so far. Looking forward to seeing them on the website. And please keep in mind that all my Carvins will have your rings; they are just too cool! So expect more pics from me.   ^_^ Take care bro. :) Neil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, I've just received the rings today. They fit perfectly !  Amazing job ! Really really beautiful stuff. I will send you later a picture for your testimonials page.Thank you very much for your work. I will be very proud to show my Thunderbird with this great improvement. You are the One. Take care,  Marc ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, Got the trem bar last week. Damn it got here fast! Thanks for the quick shipping. The bar is of great quality and I'm very pleased. I'll send you an email when I add a page on my website for the bar. I regret not buying a SE1212 when I had the chance. Keep up the outstanding work. Thanks! Rion R. Martin Hi Dave, This last order really proves that not only do you make incredible products, but you can also recreate that vintage rare brass switch ring from the late 70's that has been long out of production. I cant tell you how much that this one little switch ring really made the guitar. Thanks again for going above and beyond, that's what keeps me coming back for more. Cheers, Mike ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, thanks so much for making the covers up for me, they arrived today, just fitted them, they fit great. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I got em…LOVE them!  They are a perfect fit, and they look so great on my bass! Thank you so much for the speedy turn around and great care in your work! Thank You! Nate F Dave - got them in on Friday and installed them. They are just brilliant. You're work is amazing. Here are some pics I just took of the guitar that they went on. thanks again. Mesh ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ David I just got home and tried your fine tuners in my bridge and they fit and work great!  Good thing I bought four as you were right that they don't match the originals, but they fit right in and worked smoothly. Thanks much Howard ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, Just a note to let you know that the pickup rings you made for me were perfect.  I have attached two photos.  The one is before and the other after I replaced the rings. Thank you so much. You have made the guitar feel almost new again. Keep up the wonderful work and may you be blessed in all you do. Bill Haubach After: Before: Feel free to use any of my guitar pics.  This guitar has your brushed anodized aluminum pickup ring sized for EMG, trem post washers, and truss cavity cover, Later, Larry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave! I finally got the chance to put the pickup rings on my guitar, and they're a complete success! I was impressed with how sturdy they are, when I said I'd settle for plastic I figured I'd just be getting normal flexible material, but these are awesome! I had to wait a little while to slap them on because I had to order some tall screws for them, but here they are on my guitar! Thanks so much, I'll definitely send business your way if I get the chance! -Vince ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, Here's a pic of the washer on my Gibson; it looks sweet ! Thanks again, Mike. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave...  the parts look fantastic! I'll install the pup rings soon too. Nice work!  Thank you!! -bd- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave,  here's a  hi-res shot from my iPhone.  I think they came out pretty good.  Let me know if you need other angles, close-ups, etc.  Btw, you saddle locking screws fit like a glove, thanks again! Regards, Greg G ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Never got the chane to THANK YOU for such a superb job you did on making my pickup rings (especially in Chrome).This is my bass after routing the neck pocket, new Dano neck, old stock parts and new Alnico lipsticks. The body is a 67 Longhorn that was never assembled. Just waiting on a black pearl guar and I'm done. It was a PAIN IN THE ASS putting in those CTS pots in the lipstick holes............ Peace!~ Joe ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave: The pickup rings look great. Thanks again, you really do high quality work. I've attached 4 photos of my Mira with them installed. Feel free to use them for your website. Mark ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Page 6: Pics & Testimonials (just click on the pics to see larger pics!) Dave, wow, what can I say. They are as perfect as I could have hoped for. They really came out better then  I ever expected. You took my idea and really brought it to life, I'm really impressed. Thanks so much Dave, I really appreciate the effort I know you must have put into these. That's why I called you for the job! Can't wait to get them in the guitar. Talk to you soon Rich  These were a special design of Richards, and they turned out fantastic (if I do say so myself). Nice work Richard! Thanks Dave, It came out great! Chris Pickup ring for the 1988 charvel model 1. It had the original Jackson pickup with the raised white logo and was replaced with a bareknuckle pickup.   Unbelievable. Simply unbelievable. The workmanship and care you take in this stuff is so evident.  My father was a machinist, woodworker, plastic injection molder, and for most of his professional life managed many plant that did high quality work of that sort in NYC and eventually in Southern California for Ft. Irwin where almost all the soldiers involved in Desert Storm trained for desert warfare before he retired. He still does high quality wood work and fine furniture, I am not a stranger to this sort of thing.    I almost sent some stuff to him to make for me (the rings and the back plate) but he was tied up with making something for 9/11 and went with you instead. I can tell you that I am completely blown away at such a seemingly small piece of equipment being made so meticulously. I held the plastic ring up against the aluminum ring you made to see how accurate the holes for the screws where (out of habit) I wasn't expecting a's a pick up ring for God's sake...not critical for anything by any means, but I gotta tell you... the holes where dead on. You sir, are the man. Thank you sir, -Def ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ben's White Jackson with an engraved truss rod cover: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave!   I received the covers that I ordered from you and they are PERFECT!  Fantastic quality and they fit my guitar great!  I'll definitely recommend you if I find anyone looking for custom work like this! Thanks again, Harrison Ivan's beautiful work of art: Pair of black matte plastic rings for Nordstrand DC6 pickups ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks dave! Easy install and it works great! System II (2) conversion tremolo Bar ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, Got em and they look great!!  Not much of a photographer, but here are a few pix, Thanks again, Brett Pair of tortoise pickup ring covers match the binding nicely. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave I trust holiday is going well. Thanks again for great product , service and delivery. See pics. I think that the rings show off my Fender active deluxe J Bass very well. Use me as a reference any time. I’m off to Malta for a few days holiday with friends next week too.  Kind regards, Bob ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave,I just wanted to thank you again for the parts. Just what I was looking for. I have attached some photo's you are free to use for ads, I hope it helps. They might not be the best quality pics - sorry.  Again, thanks for the great work. Joe Engraved switch ring and truss rod cover are just part of this beast! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, Just a quick note to say your parts are amazing.  Fit and finish far exceeded my expatiations! My Charvel 88 now looks and feels up there with my custom shop. What a difference. Cannot  wait to restore another model series Charvel! Best regards, Anthony ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, Here's a couple of pics of how well your work fits my guitar. Thanks again, Chris   A very special tribute to someone very special to Chris... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave Thanks! I received the tremolo arm today and installed it (using your online instructions). It seems to me that it is a better design than the original. Bob Jackson JT-6 Conversion tremolo arm Hi Dave, I just installed my bridge and it works (and looks) perfect. You are a miracle worker! Thanks for doing such a good job on it. Sincerely, Rick Schaller System 1 Repair  Dave,  I received the part yesterday. It was undamaged and exactly as described. I reviewed your instructions online. Looks like a straightforward swap-out of parts.  Thanks for the prompt servce.  If you have a particular service review site (e.g. Yelp) that helps you, I would be happy to write a review for you. Cheers, Scott Jackson JT6 conversion kit Dave, just got and installed the new bar. It makes the guitar play better, look better, and most importantly- really fun! Thank you so much- great quality craftsmanship too. You rock! James Ibanez Original Edge Tremolo Conversion bar I got the plate a few days ago, made the necessary modifications and I just wanted to say thanks for the great work...It looks amazing Thanks again -Dan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------