Contact Email Me: HERE Page 5: Pics & Testimonials (just click on the pics to see larger pics!) Dave,  Just wanted to let you know that I got the (JT6 bridge string lock) screws and put them on my trem. They worked perfectly! Thanks alot, I was looking everywhere for these. Otherwise it was a whole new set up. You saved my axe!! Curt ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pics Of Mikes Charvel Tele with relic'd neckplate and string tree and also the control plate but he wanted that to relic "naturally" lol! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This is where Robin says "Holy Hell Batman!" I cant believe the quality of the part I just ordered from you its amazing. I just finished up putting the new screws in it and it fits the guitar well, even better than I could have imagined. I will definitely order more parts from you in the future. Thank you for all of your hard work and the quick shipping I wish your business much success thanks again.... Rusty aka Blitz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, The (Yamaha RM-Pro) bar fits great! Hears a few pictures of the guitar. Thanks Terry ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, just to let you know the parts arrived today and as always I couldn't be happier with them! I put them on and showed the guitar to my wife and - honestly - she said "I thought that was a new guitar but it's not is it?" She really wasn't sure. Your parts just add so much, despite being such a small mod. I'll get some good pics over the weekend and email them to you. Thanks again Dave, you're a top man! Cheers Steven Steve KE3 with black pearloid laminated pickup rings and engraved truss rod cover. Very cool........ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave. Finally got everything finished and wanted to send you some pics. Thanks again! The rings are perfect! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave, parts have already arrived and being installed! Thanks for great quick uncomplicated service. I really appreciate that. Great stuff. Here are two pics. Enjoy! All the best. André ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, Thank you for the awesome 7 string pickup rings. Everything fit perfectly! Here's a pic of the finished product. I refurbished this guitar from totally used and abused, back to new. It's my first attempt at refurbishing a guitar. I took my time (almost 6 weeks) to get it done. Thanks again for your help. I'm sure I'll be purchasing something else again soon, as my son and I are already thinking about the next guitar. Jim D. Isom ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, gage loved the cover you made for his carvin! He says it's his favorite part of the guitar. Plus, you should have heard his teacher when he saw it; he'll be ordering one next. First thing gage does when showing off his new axe is to point out that cover! It was the best $ I've ever spent!! Thanks again and I (and Gage) appreciate the spare.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello again Dave! Just finally got around to taking some better photos of the Kelly you did the black pearl parts for. Here's the best one if you want to use it for your website. Cheers again! Steven ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave, We got the nameplates in and they look fantastic! I can't thank you enough! Here's some pics of them installed on my amp and my buddy that builds the amps cab. We'll hopefully order some more in the future. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I just got the guitar back from the shop today where they really did a fantastic job with the guitar! And of course, when I got home, the first thing I did was to pop in the new trem arm... AWESOME!! The profile and ergonomics of it are just PERFECT. If you have the specs of this arm written down, keep them - this is the perfect bar for this System I system! Thanks again Dave, and I included a comparison shot for ya! -Ben This was a custom bar for Ben, Thanks so much Ben! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave,  Thanks for the brushed Aluminum pickup ring. It fit perfectly and is exactly what I wanted. Dave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ hey man, got the rings just now. here are some pics. thanks SO much they look great!!! feel free to use the pics for any portfolio stuff of whatever if you want. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, I got the items today and the JT-6 replacement posts are just... absolutely superb! All my tuning and floyd-not-setting-to-zero-position problems are gone. I have tried the original JT-6 posts with OFR and with German made Schaller and it was just hopeless. Not with your new replacement posts, it is absolutely fluent and perfect. Thanks a lot! Thanks also for super fast shipping. Pleasure to deal with you, as always. I make sure that good word is put down for you again in Jackson Guitar Palace. Best regards, keep up the good work! Janne Kari Finland ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, The pickup ring and truss rod cover fit and look great. Thanx a million! mikey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, The (truss rod cover) cover arrived last week. Thanks very much - nicely done and just what I was looking for. including a couple of pics for you. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave- Just wanted to say "thanks" for the excellent service and products! My prized Yamaha RGX Standard looks and plays back to factory standard. I love it. I have attached some pictures. Steve ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, I just got your pickup rings today and they look absolutely fantastic! They fit the SSB's very nicely and they look great; I know they will help make the bass I'm building look even cleaner and sharper than ever. Again, you make some great bass parts and I appreciate all you have done for me! Thank You, Matt ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave, It's Alex. I finally got all my guitar parts installed and my new pickup put in my B.C. Rich. You can put these pictures on your website if you'd like... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave, I got the pickup rings on and they look beautiful. The fit, finish and quality is second to none. It's nice to know that these custom parts are available and I'm not stuck with mass production quality on a custom shop guitar. Thanks for all your help, as usual, I'll be back again. Mike ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kevin D's Beautiful T-40 with new Pickup Rings- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi, Dave, saw you on the web. I just bought a 2009 Gibson red velvet les Paul premier (basically a supreme body and limited edition neck at the Gibson outlet sale), and i'd like to change the blank trc to one that looks like the les Paul custom, but with 'premier' instead of 'custom' on it. ,,would like the 'premier' to look more like the 'custom' original. Dave, I LOVE IT! here are before and after pix...well done! thanks, bob. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, I received the items. They all fit well, even the ring (good job!). Attached you'll find some pics I took after mounting your parts. Please feel free to post 'em on your site if you want. Thanks again. Beautiful Jackson SL with Black anodized aluminum backplates and pickup ring, along with a pearloid truss rod cover to top it off! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave, I received the rings today. I must say that your work speak volume of perfection.... I know how hard it can be to meet the clients expectation, I work in the hospitality industry, and believe me, you exceeded mine. I was not sure what to expect but, I'm very glad that I ran into your website and got my rings done with you. I will order some more in the future on other projects that i plan to do. Thanks again,-andy Nice Tele Plus with Dual Lace pickup ring- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, Received the trem tip today. Fucki'n awesome. Perfect. Excellent. Nice job! Now I am going to have to buy three or four more of them. You’re the trem tip man; no question. Thanks for the excellent, quick service. Worth every red cent!!!  Jim Beautiful custom he's got going there!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello Dave, I could not answer before because my computer was broken. Received March 30, it was pretty fast. Your work was excellent!! Nicely done! I'm sending these pictures to you see how stayed in the guitar and if you want to put on your site. I'm a fan of Jackson guitars and I'll show your work to all my friends in the community Jackson ( in Orkut). Thanks again my friend! Good sells to you. Luciano Mateus Gotta love the Rhoads' ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ They look GREAT David!!!! thank you SOO MUCH i may have to send you the Toggle Switch now to copy. These are soo bright and shiny lol but they are EXACT you did a GREAT JOB thank u so much Custom aluminum brushed arched top pickup rings for the Floyd Rose- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for the RR truss rod cover, it fit perfect and looks great. Gave my RR24M a distinct look that I wanted. These guitars are awesome, Randy would love to see where his inspiration has gone! On this guitar, I installed Dunlop "recessed" strap locks, moved the volume control to where Jackson should of put it in the first place, so I don't hit it while jamming or using the Floyd, and turn the sound off! Put a kill switch button in the old volume hole. Thanks again, Brian K. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, First off let me say how awesome the Brass RR plate looks on my RR5. I have to attach a pic for you to see, even though i'm sure you've seen plenty of them!  Excellent quality and it totally finishes off the guitar! Chris ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pickup rings for Ibanez 8 String RG2228 with BKP Painkillers & Brass rings for Carvin SH550 Thanks Ian! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave  the parts arrived yesterday - outstanding work as usual!! Everthing fits perfectly, and looks absolutely amazing. Should have the final build done by the end of the month (fingers crossed) and I'll send you a pic as promised. Great work at a great price - that's why I keep  coming back! Thanks again mate, Jack Nice work, Jack! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave! Just letting you know that the packages arrived last week and I got the blue V project finished. The posts were perfect! Here's a pic... Thanks again! Jani Jani needed a pair of the JT6 trem posts for this beauty! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, in case you have any use of picture, here's the control plate I got from you fitted into my '89 Jackson RR. Fits in perfectly. Feel free to use the att'd picture anywhere you want to.  Br, Janne Custom guard for this snake....... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, I've been meaning to write back, to tell you how pleased I am with the way the rings turned out: they're excellent! Fit and finish are everything I had hoped for, and they look fantastic on the guitar!! (I did end up grinding in an arch on the bottom of 3 of the surfaces; the thinner end of the neck ring didn't need it. I just taped them up to protect the finish, and took my time.) The black finish on these custom pickup rings really shows off (by contrast) my new gold covers, and the pups move much more freely allowing better adjustment. Also, the custom size fits the slight indentations in the guitar body's finish from the old rings perfectly. My 1969 Japanese LP Custom 'Black Beauty' copy never looked so good; I have attached a photo, which only begins to do them justice... Again, I couldn't be happier with the end result! You make a great product!! Thanks so much, Jay  Rochester, NY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, I wanted to share some photos of the almost finished product. (The bridges need to be aligned and secured at the front.) Feel free to use them to advertise your work. Thanks a lot for your help with this. Your product and craftsmanship are outstanding! Regards, Jeff Polished solid machine aluminum rings and control plate, what a beauty. Hey Dave,     Sorry for taking so long to upload these pictures. I actually put it all together the weekend after everything arrived,just never got around to getting the pics,until now. It looks amazing, even better than I envisioned. It never would have looked this good if I hadn't found you. The rings and covers brought everything together,it really makes the guitar pop. You are second to none my friend,the pieces you made me are absolutely beautiful.   Once more,thanks again,   Mike H. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, Thank you so much for the pickup rings, they fit perfectly. I finally get to play this old chunk of wood again. The quality and craftsmanship of the parts are way better than the original. Thanks again. Greg Mitchell ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hello David.  I just receive the Jackson oversized pickup ring today. I would like to thank you for offering me your great work at a reasonable price. I was not able to fix my guitar without your help.  Thanks again. Roka H. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Dave, I've attached some pics of the plates and truss cover you did for me. You made a low-end Jackson look like a custom. Thanks again for your help. I'm sure I'll be back for future projects. Best, Rene ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, I have installed the Carvin rings and am ecstatic at the quality of the your products.  I really appreciate the attention to detail you put forth your work. I recommend you to all my guitar friends and am looking forward to future guitars with your rings on them. Keep up the good work! So you have a customer for life! And I look forward to seeing my guitar on your website for the whole world to see your great craftsmanship! Neil