Contact Email Me: HERE Page 4: Pics & Testimonials (just click on the pics to see larger pics!) Hey Dave (Budman68). . just wanted to let you and all the members know that the custom "polished brass" truss rod cover I ordered from you "fretsonthenet" looks killer on my San Dimas. It was the final touch & last piece to finish my Charvels gold/brass HDWR theme.I was impressed with  the hi quality & workmanship of the new brass TR cover. It def had some weight to it (HD)and fit perfect w/mirror shine,glad I got the 3 screws in gold too. Here is what im talking about: Just a gorgeous instrument!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Hey Dave,Thanks for the great work you did on those parts. You are talented at what you do. Just made her look that much cooler. I hope I can contact you in the future for small projects like this if necessary. Have a good one, keep up the fantastic work. If you need different shots, let me know. Matthew Kennedy.” Matthew asked me to make him some laminated tortoise pickup rings, pickguard and switch plate for his Supro. I think it came out beautifully and was a great color choice on Matt's part! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hi Dave, Hope all is well with you and your wife and family. Once again, your custom work in these rings fit perfectly and make a huge difference in the appearance. I've included another round of pictures (links below). Two other pictures are a tip on keeping the rings still while drilling and drilling. ANYONE with a bass having T-Bird sized pickups MUST get these rings for a great visual upgrade to their bass(es). Even the black plastic ones look better with these rings according to those at bass forums. Thank you for making a great piece for bass-playing chrome lovers! Carl" Before on left in pic,  After with new Polished Aluminum pickup rings on right: Before on top in pic, After with new Polished Aluminum pickup rings on bottom: Here is Carl's mini tutorial for Installation! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I bought this modified Charvel Model 2 from Ebay, I say modified because as you know the Model 2 came with just a double in the rear and only a volume knob. This model has a Jackson single coil in the neck postion and a two way selector for each pickup. Needed a setup and cleaning and did not come with a tremolo arm for the Floyd Rose, I figured finding one on the net or Ebay would be pretty easy, well after searching and searching surprisingly I was having a real hard time. That was until I found Dave at fretsonthenet and found out he custom makes parts for these older guitars. Ordered a trem arm and a spring cover plate. Pparts arrived and worked perfect, everything fit and I emailed Dave with the subject line reading WOW !!!!!!!!! This guy makes a superior product and could charge triple and still get it because of the attention to detail and the care he puts into his work. I'm looking for a 90's Kramer and will call on Dave i'm sure to restore it back to new. Dave you rock big time !!!! " Thanks so much, Jimmy!  A couple of shots of Jimmy's shred machine: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Time to brag about one of my "new" toys!!!! I finally got off my butt and finished the JRR94. (pictures attached) It turned out just like I had hoped. The parts from are excellent. Dave made the brass control plate, the brass "v" plate and the "RR" truss rod cover for me. The neck p/up is a duncan 59 (nice, smooth andbluesy...but loud) and the bridge is the highly controversial Bill Lawerence xl500-L (loud for sure..will tinker more to find the tone I like). Anyhow thank you to Dave at FOTN for the quick job on the parts. Dave, hopefully the pictures will be good enough to post on your website ....if not let me know!! This was a fun project and the guitar looks like "The Man's" (sans the shark fins) and that is what I wanted. This has been a great year...even with my fun knee surgery HAHA. Speaking of....I am walking without crutches just 2 1/2 weeks since surgery. I am going to PT 3 times a week and my surgeon says I am way ahead of schedule. Still.....I have a long way  to go but I am proud of how things are going. Hope everyone is doing with you all soon.-Brent" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dave,Thank you for help with both of these projects. Randy Rhoads is my guitar hero which I was  fortunate enough to see on February 20th 1982. These two guitars are my tribute to him and you played a major part in the construction of both guitars. Thank you so much for all that you do. Brent" It's always a pleasure, Brent! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Todd's gorgeous white Charvel Model 3A with a set of replacement pickup rings for the older oversized pickups, just stunning! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mikes very cool Bass project with black anodized rings. This thing is going to be killer when finished! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beautiful Bob! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the great 707 Pickup Bezel , it came in handy on this Epiphone V I  customized. This is the second time I have used your 707 Bezels, and they are great! Eric W.  Looks nasty (in a great way!)!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chuk's tele project with satin parts, can't wait till she's done! Always a pleasure, my friend- -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Robert from accross the pond needed a brushed aluminum cavity cover for his project. He sent me a drawing of exactly what he'd like and made it to spec for him. He'll route the body for it and I'm sure it will look great! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Len wanted some Polished Black Anodized aluminum rings for his explorer, and dare I say it? There is none more black.....very nice, Len...... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Blue" is the obvious name to Biffs beauty. He needed a polished aluminum ring and truss rod cover..... I think it was an excellent choice! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A fender Bass with a ring custom made to install a Bartolini. He did a great job, it's beautiful and I bet it sounds fantastic- "Dave, Sorry it took a few day's to get back to you (working overtime) but I want to let you know that I received the gold RR t/r cover and it looks freakin GREAT on my RR5!! Also I want to let you know what a great asset you are to the J/C community for your service and commitment for making our guitars more unique! Again, a tip-of-the-hat to you........Bob M" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alex Smiths Model 4, such a beauty ! Pickup Ring looks right at home ;o) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dave, hi, got my Bill lawrence to Duncan pickup rings yesterday. I'm not sure exactly what to say, Outstanding!, perfect!. Thanks a million times over. I am very picky when it comes to details and I could not be any happier with those rings. Fit and finish are perfect and I find your work to be of the highest quality I have ever seen. I installed them right away and the poles on my pickups lined up perfectly, and also very important is no new holes in my new guitars. I will be contacting you again, and again. Thanks for the service you provide to the music community, it is invaluable. .Matt S." --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dave got the Charvel san dimas replica items today, oh my gosh what incredible stuff, absolutely beautiful, these items are going to make my replica the best , thanks so much for making them available and the attention to detail so glad I found your site, again WOW !!!!!!!!!" Thank You Chris Longo..... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paul B's KILLER winter Camo with custom engrave Truss Rod Cover-- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hi, Dave! And thank you so much! Items came here on Wednesday and I have placed them to my Kelly. Everything fits perfectly and especially the truss rod cover looks great! I'll send you some pics as soon as I have time to take some. I'm very pleased with this import Jackson now. I also have '86 San Dimas strat for some reference, so, I know what I'm talking about here. DKMGT neck fits really fine on this and that tune-o-matic roller bridge is excellent!  Now, with your work everything's just perfect on this. Cheers, Janne " ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dave was really helpful with the pickup rings I needed for an old Univox guitar. He spent the time to look over the drawing I gave him and found a mistake. The rings came out perfect and really didn't take that long. Thanks a ton! - Nathan" Nathan Frenchs' excellent restore of the Univox 335!! He needed a custom set of rings and I think he did a fantastic job- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sam R's Les Paul with a custom engraved Switch Plate. Great words, Sam ;o) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sean was looking for the old style Custom ESP "Bell" truss rod covers. I was glad to be able to provide them for him! Awesome collection- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hey Dave! I received my package yesterday and got a big shitgrin when I opened it up. You did an awesome job. It looks so nice. Its so hard to get a good pic because its so shiny...I will try. I have to have you do something else for me.....just got to think of something though. I have to get brass or gold pickup rings yet to make my guitar complete sometime. You don't gold plate things by chance? I am very happy with your work Dave!. I feel I have the perfect package now. It matches my strap now too. Awesome looking and everyone is impressed. One little piece of custom work and EVERYONE notices it. Thanks very much! Let me know if you get the pics.....never sent files before. I kept the original black screws to make it even more of an eye grabber! If you need better pics let me know! Thanks!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful brass Truss Rod Cover !!" Before: After! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hello Dave, Thank you so much for your fantastic product and service. Finding and ordering the pickup rings I needed was quite easy and your personal communication was much appreciated. The parts arrived well ahead of schedule and they fit like a charm. Now my vintage Peavey T-40 is back in action and ready to rock for God! Thank you very much! In Christ, John K." Thanks so much, John!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tim B's Neck-Heavy Mockingbird with 3/16ths (.187) thick polished brass cavity cover for balance! ;o) Before: After: Excellent, Tim! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hi Dave, The parts arrived in Friday's mail. Incredible! I am really impressed with everything. I'm sure that I'll be requesting more items for future projects, so thank you for taking your time to make these items - they are truly awesome! When I have a chance, I'll try to send a couple of photos. Thanks again and take care! Mike Schmidt" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The tremolo bar you provided for my mid '80s MIJ Strat was beautifully made, worked perfectly, arrived quickly, and was reasonably priced. I don't know what else one could ask for. Thanks! Best, Bart Odom Copperas Cove, TX" ------------------------------------------------------- "Hello Dave, I just wanted to commend you again for the incredible job you did, from the angles on the pickup rings, to my one-of-a-kind tremolo arm. I can't begin to say enough about how happy I am with this stuff... i just look at my guitar now and smile. Simply the best deal around.  My 1978 Yamaha SG2000: Custom truss rod cover Engraved pickup switch washer Solid brass pickup rings w/custom angles Custom Kahler tremolo bar Thank you again for being an honest craftsman, in such a crooked world. Until the next order! Michael Giordani" What a beautiful Instrument, thanks, Mike- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dave, Finally got my RR5-FR since I ordered it in June. Here's the pic I said I would send. Thanks again for making my guitars a little more special!! Bob" ----------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hello Dave got the three plates today, my god they are unbelievable they fit like a glove you are a true craftsman , the look and color are just like the old ones I remember. Thanks a million your products are just the BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!! All Regards Chris....................." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave, I received the locking nut screws for my ’88 Peavey Vandenberg model today, and I just wanted to thank you very much for your INCREDIBLY prompt service and assistance. I’ve seen your testimonial pages, and it’s impressive to see the end results of some of those major restorations that you facilitated. But of course there’s another, less visually stunning, but nonetheless important part of your business for which I am very grateful—the one missing nut, the one stripped screw etc.—i.e. the “minor” things that cost very little, but matter very much—things that oftentimes prove to be very elusive (especially with age). I couldn’t find those locking screws anywhere else, and when I finally DID find them through you, I was shocked to discover them sitting in my mailbox 2 days after our last correspondence. Wow. That’s crazy. Thanks once again and all success to you and your business! Stephen Knight -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- James G's Yamaha RM Pro Tremolo bar. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Hi Dave, I finished my 2003 thunderbird project. I used your rings with Tony Carl's covers. It turned out great! I thought you might like to see it. Seymour Duncan stuffed the covers with custom made 60's era TB pickups. They sound and look great. Thanks again! Regards, Bill" Absolutely killer T'Bird!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave ... Cover arrived safe and sound!!! ... You do excellent work, my man! ... This thing is perfect ... I trust your experimentation with this piece will lead to additional orders ... When I get my PRS put back together (I'm replacing the machine heads), I'll send you some pics with the new truss rod cover installed ... Feel free to post anything you want on your website ... Thanks again for your excellent work and quick turnaround! Mark ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, Okay, this has taken me about forever to get out to you. Sorry for my tardiness. Anyway, here are some photos of the pickup mounting ring you cut for me. It's installed on a Godin guitar along with a custom cut pickguard I had done, to convert the guitar from a two-pickup P-90 thing to a single, Les Paul Jr. styled axe with a TV Jones Powertron pickup installed. Came out like a complete gem. Sorry for all the flash glare on the photos but you can get a general sense of how nicely it worked out. Ignore the reflection the overhead fluorescent lights bouncing off of the pickup ring and pickguard, too. Thanks again, a complete ton. Lloyd ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi, Dave, Just wanted to let you know I received my fender system 1 parts this AM. They fit perfect.!!!!  I wanted to thank you again for your excellent service and parts. I will definitely save your site to my fav's and I will be a repeat customer in the future. Roy. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave, the pick up rings are killer! Thank you again for making them for me. They are EXACTLY what I hoped for. Sincerely, Jason Jason's PRS Mira with pearloid laminate rings.. gorgeous! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, Got the pickup surrounds the other day and put them in. First let me say...your work is just perfect...all of it lined up, the rings look amazing (a real work of art) simple yet very classy. The metal finish is awesome too and really adds to the look of the guitar. I just cant wait until I can get you to do some custom work on my upcoming sitar guitar, but that will be a little while away for the time being. (Hopefully the OZ dollar will bounce back a little..... 65 cents to the US dollar right now...ouch!!)  Again...Incredible work!! Thanks are "THE MAN" Cheers, Harvey ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks so much Dave for your prompt service. I received all the parts you sent me and with the excellent tuner repair, my strat is like new again!! You Sir, are top notch and are officially my new Whammy guitar Tech. Roy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It's taken a very long time to get everything together to finally put this together...but true to my word, here are some pics of the guitar. Dave - thanks for the cavity covers, pup ring and assorted pieces. The quality is top notch! Best Regards, Mike ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Dave, It's Mike from the Great White North, I just wanted to give you my thanks once again! The truss rod cover looks great and what's even better is that its custom so no one else has one (for now). Your service and commitment for perfection are defiantly appreciated. I already have people asking me where I got it so expect to see a few more ESP guys knocking on your door. Your igloo living friend Mike ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mounting ring came today and it fits nicely. I was really surprised, how fast you could deliver it. There's some photos attached. My bass is Aria Pro II sb-700, manufactured 1980. I've had it over 20 years and I really like to play with it. Recently I had to change the original pickup with the EMG 35DC. The sound of the new pickup was great, but it didn't really fit the cavity so my bass looked ugly. Now it looks great again!  Thanks!  Petri