Contact Email Me: HERE Here's a beauty from Tom in Nebraska. He added a nice set of Aluminum Black Anodized Pickup Rings and I really think it sets of the zebra Duncans! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dave, Once again, I thank you for your relentless pursuit of perfection. The pick up rings and truss cover were of absolute perfect fit and finish. In all honesty I really wasn't aware that the bridge ring was in three pieces until I took it off, but it obviously proved little challenge to you. I spent hours trying to find replacement parts for my 1984 Rhoads Custom, fortunately I was referred to you, the only source I have ever found. Although not fully restored to her former glory, you got me closer that I thought possible. A consummate professional, you take great pride in your work and your customer satisfaction, not something you see too often any more. You have earned yet another loyal customer, and I have made a friend( I assure you I will be a pain in the parking spot again real soon). Again, thank you for your attention to detail, the fantastic communication, and all the nice shiny stuff on my Jacksons. Steve" A beautiful pair of Jacksons owned by Steve in NY. Satin Aluminum pickup rings and truss rod cover on the star and brass pick guard for the Rhoads..... --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I first came in contact with Dave's work through the Jackson/Charvel Forum. This summer I picked up a very beat 1989 USA Rhoads that needed some attention, like a truss rod cover, aluminum back plate, string lock blocks and some new screws for freshening it up a bit. Dave custom made a brushed black aluminum truss rod cover after I sent him the measurements, it turned out absolutely perfect! Now the guitar has a nice old worn feel, but still looks and feels really good! Check out the pictures. I'd had my eye on the "RR" engraved truss rod covers for quite a while, and decided that one would spice my 1994 RR up a bit. Needless to say, it looks awesome, like you can see in the picture! My latest score, I got in a trade. It's a Charvel Model 3 that lacked the pickup ring, tremolo and string lock blocks and screws for the JT-6 locking nut. It was time to ask Dave for help yet again, and being the class act that he is, he hooked me up instantly! New string lock blocks, allen head screws, and a gorgeous polished aluminum pickup ring, just look at the pictures! :) I'm nothing but pleased about Dave's work, and he is a very nice guy, although I've never met him... one can tell by the e'mail contact we've had! Thanks alot Dave, Anders Bertilsson, Örebro, Sweden" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Thanks, Dave, the ring worked out perfectly! I'm now EMG-free on my 7-string, and couldn't be happier. I've included some pics for your site along with this e-mail." Dave E. Dave's 7 String Jackson with a conversion ring to fita standard 7 string pickup into a 707 type EMG route. There was a little work needed to clear the outer tabs of the pickup, but nothing a Dremel tool couldn't handle ;o) Before: After: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guess what? Two years later and it’s finished. Thank you so much for making these rings. They really completed my project. Here are pictures for your site. thanks again, John F. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's a shot of the guitar with the aluminum Bill Lawrence mounting rings you made for me. They look incredible! They covered the small gaps on either side of the pickups and tie in with the rest of the hardware perfectly. Thanks for helping me add a unique touch to set this "S" apart from the rest. Sincerely, A.J. A pic Of A.J.'s Strat with Polished Aluminum trim Rings Page 3: Pics & Testimonials (just click on the pics to see larger pics!) -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's the picture of the Schecter C7. Looks 100% better with the pickup rings I got from you, and some other chrome hardware. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone looking for quality parts, especially 7 string pickup rings, as they are almost non-existent. Thanks again! Stan Rodak" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hi David, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the custom made pickup rings you made. They fit perfectly and give my bass even more of a refined look. I also appreciate your quick e-mail responses and how fast you had these in the mail. I have already recommended your website to other players and will continue to do so. Thank you again for the great experience! Yours truly, Ron DeLancey" Unbelievable craftsmanship going on with this beauty!! I was honored to help be a part of this project by making a custom set of pickup rings for Ron!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dave, I finally finished my bass project. Attached ar a few photos. Thanks for the pickup rings. A small piece of the puzzle, but a critical element in achieving the look I was going for. Prompt, simple communication, prompt turnaround time and a quality product. What else could you ask for? Thanks. Robert" Roberts killer looking Bass with custom pickup rings! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brian K's USA Custom Ibanez with Polished Stainless Steel Trem bar and Polished Aluminum Pickup Rings. This a great guitar with the graphic (Pile O' Skulls) finished by Dan Lawrence himself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dave, Here are pics of the rings that you did for me. Although the pictures may not show it, they look GREAT! Thanks,  Eric " Eric's beautiful custom camo with the black rings switched out for the Polished Aluminum rings. Nicely done bro!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRS Pickup Rings (before (neck) and after (bridge) and Truss Rod Cover in Polished Aluminum, Thanks Dave!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hi Dave, Got them yesterday. PERFECT fit and now I get to elbow grease shine the pickups if possible. I'll take before/after pictures and send them to you in case you want another pic on your website. Some Orville by Gibson owners are not aware of the BIG difference in appearance your parts make. Thanks again, Carl" Before and after shots of Carl's Orville Bass with a set of the T'Bird polished aluminum rings! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jimmy Li's very cool Ibanez Roadstar with a set of rings in Black Matte residing in Hong Kong: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave, I can’t thank you enough….! To be able to find someone to do precise quality work like this is fantastic. My 1988 Jackson Is now finished, and with the Tremol-no in place and your cover it’s just fab. I have sent some picture to show how it all goes!! I’ll keep plugging you on the Tremol-no forum or anywhere else where custom built guitar parts are needed. All the best. And once again thank you for putting up with my constant E-Mails for what is such a reasonably priced piece of custom machining Regards Iain W. Iain's Blue Crackle Jackson with special plate cut for the new Tremol-no: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Dave: Finally got the Peavery finished. This one has your stock HB rings you did for another guitar we did some time ago and the single coil you made up for this. AS you can see, much cleaner look with the rectangular ring you made than the usual ring for STRAT styles. These rings really make those EMG's clean looking, and the finish is dead on for them. I'm going to send this one on to Rick at EMG also. Another success for Frets on the Net. See ya friend... always appreciate your work. Mike. Mike's Peavey with custom rings!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Howdy Dave, Mike here, out it Sacramento where its gonna be 108F today.... Here's my 1987 Charvel model 5. Im the original owner and the restoration went really well using your parts. Thanks again, Mike Mikes gorgeous Model 5: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tim's Peavey Bass with replacement pickup rings: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mika K.'s Gorgeous blue ESP M-1 Custom with a Polished Stainless Steel Tremolo Bar. Thanks Mika! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dave, I got the tremelo bar (Left Handed Floyd Rose Original) this morning. You do some really fine work for great prices. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I'll be sure to have you do any work like this that I may need in the future. Thanks again! Best Regards, Abe Piluszewska" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A couple of pics of Jonas T.'s Chandler project with a Polished Ring for the EMG! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Here ya go. I just completed the guitar last night. The rings were a real life saver, as I'm not the best router guy in the world. They covered a multitude of sins. Thanks again. Steve Sorrell "A Prelude To Tragedy" What a piece of art this turned out to be, just killer! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The parts arrived today and I had them fitted within the hour. They look amazing, I'm so pleased with what you've done! If you'd like me to send you any more pics if you wanted to use them on your site or whatever just let me know. I'd gone right off the guitar, but new Duncan pickups and now this stuff from you has made it a keeper. Thanks again, I love this guitar now! Steven" Updated with new pickups! Steve's RR with Red Pearloid Pickup Rings, Control Cover, and matching RR Truss Rod Cover. Anything is possible!! Thanks Steve! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hi Dave, I finished my Warmoth guitar build. Here are some pics sporting your awesome pickup rings.  Thanks BRO!" Just gorgeous! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The rings are fantastic. You'll be my first call for the next restoration. Peace, Kevin D." A few pics from Kevin D. of his Peavey T-40 Bass with a new set of Pickup Rings Looks beautiful Kev, and thanks! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some Black Anodized parts for Brian's Ojeda Bullseye Charvel Project. Neck plate, Output Jack plate, and Tremolo cover, (not the control cavity cover, that was original and not made by me ;o)) Thanks Brian!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- A set of fabricated, Duncan size pickup rings modded to fit the vintage Oversized Jackson Covered raised Logo'd Pickups- It was a tight fit but they look nice! Thanks Nazgul!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- They came today and i just finished installing them. Looks beautiful. Thanks again & Merry Christmas- Ray Before Trim Rings: After: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hello Dave; I want to thank you. It is so hard to find these pieces and so nice to have somebody with the talent and caring to make these parts. I specialize in old peaveys and you have been a part of restoring many old Peaveys with your talent. Your pickup rings for the old T series are renown. Maybe the only person in the world making them. Thank you for your talent and care you put in your work. It will live on in the old guitars you help bring back to life and the music they will continue to make even after we are gone. Thomas" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dave, I just had to write to say what a pleasure it was to do business with you. You're Tremol- No cover plate for my USA Jackson Soloist fit perfectly. It was truly worth every penny to finish off the modification properly. It looks and functions flawlessly; it came fast, I can offer nothing but praise for you. I highly recommend this product to anyone. Thanks again!!! Mike" -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave! Thanks for the great pickup rings! They added some much needed mass to the body of my infamously neck-heavy Mockingbird, and they look great. You're making me think of going and getting the bridge fully polished or it REALLY looks like garbage, what with these pretty new rings up next to it. Eh, I'm sure I'll dull them up soon enough. I play the hell out of this guitar but it's always been a chore to play it on a strap. It's still a bit neck heavy, but now it's manageable, and that's a big difference. Thanks Dave, and I'm sure I'll be getting more from you soon! Brandon Sellers -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave,  I just got my guitar back today. The pickups look and sound great. It's a DC127 with Dimarzio Evolution pickups. Here are some pics for your website: Thanks again, Jim P. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Dave, Got the ring today. It's PERFECT! I couldn't be happier. The fit, the finish, everything about it exceeded my expectations. Thanks so much. Cheers! Dave -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave, Thanks again for the parts to help me finish my Dimarzio Earl Slick clone. The control cavity cover looks fantastic, as does the string tree. Your work is top notch. You have a loyal customer for life. Keep up the great work!  Bill -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave, Thanks so much for the excellent parts as always. Your attention to detail and precision exceeds expectation. I wanted to go with the best with one of my projects - a Model 6 shell that was painted, but back in 1988 never had anything installed or attached. I purchased brushed aluminum plates (the electronics cover had a battery box installed), pickup ring, strap buttons, and Floyd Rose-cut JT6 studs. Everything fit perfect and was a great finishing touch. The quality even makes any parts from Germany jealous. You rock, dude! Peace - Dave