Contact Email Me: HERE "Hey Dave, Received the parts today and i couldn't wait to get them on the guitar. They all fit flawlessly and they look fantastic. I also installed a brass Dimarzio bridge on this guitar and that looks pretty sharp too. Sounds pretty darn good also. Here are the pics I promised. Maybe if your going to be selling RR5 brass (now that you have the templates) you can use them for your website. If not I hope you enjoy them regardless. Thanks a lot Dave, Happy New Year!" Rich ---------------------------------------------- "Hi Dave, Just to let you know that the rings arrived today and they are awesome. It's so nice to get something these days with this kind of quality workmanship. I will definitely use you next time I need parts.  Thanks for a really smooth pleasant transaction, and happy new year."  Regards, Marc. (from the UK) ----------------------------------------- "Dave, I received the brass neck plate and control plate two days ago. I am so glad I was able to find your web page. I am nearing completion on this bass, and luckily, every detail I dreamed up has become a reality. I was afraid I wouldn't find someone to mill brass hardware for me, but you came through amazingly. The parts are every bit as beautiful as I imagined. There is something about handcrafted parts that immediately creates character in a guitar. Thank you so much for your work. I will be sure to tell everyone who asks where this work was done. I am grateful." Sincerely, Kelly ----------------------------------------------------------- "i love these pickup rings!!!! they look more rock than the stock..thanks for all the great products" Mike Hickey -------------------------------------------------------- Here's a Charvel 3dr that has been modified and upgraded to Brass hardware such as the pickup ring, back plates, truss rod cover, jack plate and neck plate. Marks Charvel: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I have been swapping out pickups on guitars for a couple of years now, do some repair and have built a custom STRAT with EMG's. The off-the-shelf trim rings were pretty good from the big guys. I just did an upgrade on a Schecter Blackjack 7-string for a client. What a surprise when I found out that the big guys didn't make a trim ring for the EMG 707 or 81-7, not even EMG had one. EMG though turned me on to Dave at Frets On The Net. Not only did he have a ring, he had it in plastic and metal. BUT even more, these are not your usual molded plastic... DAVE MACHINES THEM from solid material. The finish was an dead on match for EMG's satin finish. The holes are bored, with the precision of a machinist... which is what Dave is. If you don't care about looks, buy anybody's, but if you are like me and want it better than factory, you're wasting your money if you don't go to Dave for your rings. Dave is a humble guy who loves what he does, is proud of his work and it shows. They are a work of art. I am going to use Dave's stuff for every new job I need trim rings on. Check him out, call him up and talk to him. You'll meet a friend on the other end of the phone. Mike Ilkenhons, Clermont Florida." ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John M. Stark's Charvel with a pair of "Dimas" backplates: Page 2: Pics & Testimonials (just click on the pics to see larger pics!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hi Dave, finally got a camera to shoot this babe of mine. The wham bar works like a charm, it keeps my patrons mesmerized thru e nights! Catch ya again dude. regards, Jez." Jez's Strat with a System 1 Bar: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I needed some custom parts for my project 1987 Fernandes Rhoads and contacted Dave through the Jackson/Charvel Forum, where i know him as the most friendly and stand up guy one could imagine. I (also known as Mr. Perfectionist) wanted special pickup rings with custom measures and asked Dave if he could help me out. In no time, he completed my order and everything was made EXACTLY to specs. The parts looks fantastic and i'm happy that Dave would contribute to my project with his awesome quality work.  I'll be back with other projects showing more custom made parts by Dave!" Henrik Hjortnaes, Denmark -------------------------------------------------------------------- Chris R's guitar with a Pearl White Truss Rod Cover: ------------------------------------------------------------- "In advance I heard a lot of great opinions on Dave's guitar parts. When I recently jazzed up my old 1989 Ontario Rhoads I decided to buy a truss rod cover and two pickup rings from him. What can I say? The parts are from great quality and fit perfectly. I was great to deal with Dave and I definitely would do it again!" Joachim (Germany) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I needed a custom made truss rod cover for my '95 Jackson SDK1. It has a rare headstock, so I 'm not able to use generic replacement parts. I contacted Dave at, and he built me a cover with so much care and precision that you would've thought he was working on his own guitar. Even though we are separated by a dozen states,  it was extremely easy to work with Dave. He's a perfectionist who was able to give my guitar exactly what it needed. I would not have received the same quality of item or service had I walked my guitar into a local shop. Thanks, Dave."--Brad Thomas, Bryan, TX Brad's SDK: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "i would like to say that dave's parts are excellent and he is easy to deal with and prompt on shipping...i ordered some humbucker rings for emg 81/7s from him and they look great. and dave...just so you know...they are installed and i have the guitar assembled and started playing it last night...those rings add class."Wes Wes' Self-Built Guitar: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These parts have exceeded my expectations in every way. The fit and  finish are excellent. They fit a lot better than the plastic factory parts and they look truly outstanding!!!! The customer service is also second to NONE!!!! I will buy parts from here again without even thinking about getting them elsewhere. Thank You Dave!!!! Dave Bruneau Dave's SL-4 with custom polished and cleared Aluminum Pickup Rings, Truss Rod Cover, and Rear Cover Plates: --------------------------------------------------------------------- The craftsmanship on the pickup rings is second to none,they really look like they came with the pickups direct from EMG. I am very, very pleased with your work. Chris Chris' 7 String with the 707 Rings Installed: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I contacted Dave looking for a special truss rod cover for my project Jackson Rhoads. I wanted something different and asked for the truss rod cover to be in polished aluminum with the engraved RR. Let me say Dave was very accommodating,  and although this hadn't been  asked of him before, he came through like a trooper! The end result is a fine piece of workmanship that even had the guys at my local guitar shop admiring the cover! Thanks so much for keeping me informed on the progress of the cover. I love it, makes my guitar that much more special. Guys, do yourself a favor and check Frets On The Net out! You wont be disappointed." John "Pappy" Papanikolaou Pappy's RR: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dave's pickup bezels for the EMG 707 are simply outstanding. As you may know, these parts are machined from a solid chunk of Delrin plastic, so there are no lines or defects anywhere on them from a mold. Additionally, he does such a good job milling them that it's damn near impossible to see any wavyness on the sides from the tool passing over. All of the edges are rounded with a super smooth fillet. I couldn't be happier with the appearance of these bezels. Another cool fact: Unlike ESP's 7 strings, Ibanez 7 strings like my RG7620 come with 'standard' sized pickup cavities, so only passive pickups like Dimarzios or Duncans will fit. If you want to put the best 7 string pickup money can buy in your Ibanez (the EMG 707), you'll need to have a fair amount of wood shaved out of your pickup cavity. This usually means taking your guitar to a luthier and having it routed professionally - and this costs big bucks. If you buy a set of Dave's EMG 707 bezels, you are free to do a semi-crappy job yourself with a dremel tool; then you can just cover up the rough edges with these awesome looking pickup rings!" Clayton Little Claytons Ibanez RG7620 7 string : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Dave's pickup rings are by far the highest quality available. His attitude towards his customers and his attention to detail are second to none. His 707 rings are the only ones available anywhere in the country. Theres no use in anybody trying to manufacture one of a higher quality because they couldn't do it. I've dealt with Dave on two other occasions and wouldn't hesitate to do so again." Daryl ---------------------------------------------------------- "Dave's stuff is top quality, not only did he make me special sized pickup rings, he gave them to me for the same price as the regular ones and got them out quick.Dave, you have a loyal customer for life. Thanks." Kevin Kevin's Seafoam Green 750XL with custom sized pickup rings ---------------------------------------------------------- "Dave, I received your Humbucker rings yesterday and immediately installed oneof them (Still waiting for Neck Humbucker to arrive). All I can say is WOW. These things should be the new standard in Humbucker quality forevery company .They are super Heavy Duty & conform to the Dimarzio pickup perfectly with no unsightly gaps or uneven edges. These are the thickest, sturdiest rings I have ever encountered and will probably last the life of the guitar. They make every other plastic ring I've ever used look like a cheap toy. Finally, they are really good looking. They have a subtle quality the distinguishes them from other rings, and it definitely is a plus. Very Classy looking. You are doing the Jackson community a great service by creating these. I would have been "up shit's creek without a paddle" if not for you, being as Jackson likes to implement non standard designs and then abandon them (and the customer). Will send out pics as soon as the guitar is finished! Thanks again, Richard Ackermann" Rich's Jackson: --------------------------------------------------------------- "Here are my two SL2H's with their new trussrod covers, courtesy of "Frets on the Net". Thanks Dave "Budman" for the parts." Noah Phillips' SL2H's with green and white pearloid Truss rod covers: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Well Dave, you did it again! I needed a custom pickup ring for my new Bill Lawrence L-500L, and the ring you made for me was perfect! The pickup fits perfectly, and as you can see, everything looks great! Thanks Dave!" Peter M. Jagielski Pete's guitar: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Kudos go to Dave for the killer truss rod covers. They look awesome and their quality is TOTAL PRO!!" Scott Ciminnisi Scotts RR: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Dear Dave, Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your pickup rings and trem covers. They all fit perfectly, and the quality is absolutely first-rate! If your Jackson/Charvel needs  parts, Dave is THE man to call! Thanks Dave!" Peter M. Jagielski Pete's Guitar with Pickup Rings installed- ----------------------------------------------------------- Hello again My Friend Dave:Again I am very pleased with the bars!! May I say that your craftsmanship, quality, service and demeanor as a person is refreshing and GREATLY appreciated!!  I wish I could leave you feedback for this transaction(we conducted this deal off ebay)  because it would be VERY POSITIVE and you deserve it!! I will remember these transactions  and I will spread the word about your quality product and your professional business practice!!  It is people like you that make Ebay a GREAT place to shop at!! Thank you again my friend and have an AWESOME 2004!! Darkly, S.J.Vampyre -------------------------------------------------------------------- "The Pickup rings I recieved from Dave are excellent! They fit perfectly, and are better quality than  the original Jackson rings. If you need a ring for any type of pickup, do yourself a favor and contact Dave. You will not find a better replacement anywhere! Thanks again Dave." Mark Watson, Rochester, MN Mark's guitar: ____________________________________________________________ "Great fit, got it right the first time. Quick ship! Couldn't be any happier!" Scott G. ____________________________________________________ "The pickup mounting rings that you made me are great. I prefer them over standard one's because they are built MUCH better; quality wise, and durability wise. Thanks Dave, your craftsmanship  and professionalism is greatly appreciated!!" Thanks, John ______________________________________ "These new rings from Dave are a tremendous improvement over the flimsy Jackson rings that often are cracked or broken that were difficult to find replacements for until now. These rings are heavy duty and are a perfect fit, plus they look great! Now I can use a Duncan humbucker without being forced to use the Jackson cover over it. - Dave Paetow"  Dave Paetow's guitar ____________________________________________________ "These should be called 'deluxe' pickup rings. They are the best modern pickup ring I have ever seen. The materials and construction are very much like those classic milled Gibson P90 rings you would see on some vintage archtops. I wont look at the stock Jackson ring the same way."- Jim Shine Jim Shine's before and after pics of the old ring (left) vs. the new and better ring (right). ------------------------------------------------------------ "TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE: I was skeptical at first so I just ordered 1 mounting ring for my old Jackson J90C humbucker. When I saw and examined the item, the quality blew me away! It is truly better than the original Jackson mounting ring. I can personally vouch for the craftmanship too. Now, you & I know where to get rare & quality replacement parts for your Jackson/Charvel guitar(s) and quite possibly, other brands too. Frets on the Net is the place to browse! Bookmark this site,  NOW!" Chito Refuerzo Chitos Charvel Spectrum with a replacement tremolo cavity cover. ------------------------------------------------------------ "Dave is the man of the hour! I have been wanting to add gold hardware to my pearl white/platinum 1989 King V for years. The only thing stopping me was the big 'ole black  Jackson oversize pickup rings. But thanks to JCF member, Dave, I am in business! Here's my King V before, as many have seen from the Gallery, all boring with its black hardware: If you're hesitating from buying some new rings, don't! Dave is super fast and will work with you to get what you want. Now, after some gold additions of a Jackson/Schaller Floyd, knobs, screws, and switch tip, including the incredibly hard to find C/J rings to match, here she is:  Joe Corsano's King V "Hello, I am very much impressed with the craftsmanship and quality of the Charvel/Jackson cover plates made by Dave! I purchased the truss rod covers both styles w/ and w/o the leg and both recessed and non recessed tremelo spring covers, as well as the control cavity covers and they're perfect! If you could even tell the difference from the stock plates I'd have to save Daves are dead on the money if not slightly better! I would definately buy more from this guy! An awesome job, thanks a million Dave! I've been waiting and searching for someone like you for a long while! As we all know it can be costly and time consuming to go through Jackson for replacements (believe me I've been there)and we all know that many times you purchase a used jackson or charvel the plates are probabley missing. If your picky as I am, you want the guitar complete! So if you're missing those cover plates and it's driving you crazy, just call on Dave. He has the awesome solution! THANKS DAVE!!!!!!...........................garry" -----------------------------------------------------------