Contact Email Me: HERE Page 1: Pics & Testimonials (just click on the pics to see larger pics!) This is a killer Dime Stealth that had some upgrades done in Black Anodized Aluminum. They were the truss rod cover, and rear cover plates. What a beautiful job Theo did in bringing this instrument back to life!! -------------------------------------------------------------- Jerry wanted a Satin Aluminum Rhoads Custom Pickguard  in this configuration, looks sharp! -------------------------------------------------------------- This beauty had a Custom Rhoads Guard in the configuration supplied by Dave,  matches his beauty of a Mustang as well! ------------------------------------------------- This is a beautiful Bond Rhoads belonging to Adrien. He wanted a Custom Black Anodized Aluminum guard with just the volume and switch with a matching set of Black Anodized Aluminum Pickup Rings for the other. Do these things look killer or what? Great job, my friend! ----------------------------------------------------- Robert's very sharp looking Hamer with Trim Rings that he wanted for his P-90 installation. Nice!!!   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well, what can I say, Chito did all the work for me. Click on his pic to read his testimonial!! See how great these customers are??? Thanks so much, my friend!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ryan McAtees' Jackson Concept with custom paint and Green Pearl Truss Rod Cover: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- "One day I decided to build a parts guitar because it was something I had never done before.  After gettingan import Charvel 375 body, the first thing I did was get a hold of Dave.  I decided I wanted an aluminum pickup ring in addition to the control and trem cavity covers I would be needing.  There was only one place I even considered getting them from, Frets on the Net. The parts are the best.  They fit perfectly and the quality is top notch.  His work is first rate and it is a pleasure dealing with him.  This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, that I have purchased some parts from Dave.  Every transaction has been extremely easy and I would suggest to anyone looking for parts for their projects to go to Dave first.  Infact, I have done so on many occasions.  Whenever someone on an internet forum starts asking about pickup rings, cavity covers, trem bars, etc. I send them over to Dave.  Keep up the good work and I'll keep buying." Travis R.   --------------------------------------------------- "Hey I have been getting parts from for almost 2 years now. When I decided to do a custom refinish on a Jackson RR7 Import it was a no brainer so I contacted Dave & got more quality & excellent parts custom made. I wanted to do a Randy Rhoads tribute so I had the guitar repainted , & had a bunch of parts made from Frets on the Net. Control cover, trem cover ,truss rod cover, Pick up rings for the Emg 707s,  neck plate ,also  switch tip, & switch plate all custom made . The only thing on here not made but bought was the tuners, knobs & Floyd. Dave played a big part in helping me make a custom dream guitar come true.  I work in a service driven industry, so I know & appreciate good quality customer service, Frets on the Net is nothing shy of service perfection, & Quality." Chuk Siple  from Miami - JCF member Drake S.  ----------------------------------------------------------------    "In 1992 I came across a seafoam green Charvel Surfcaster. It was and still is, dead mint. The problem was, the original case had been sold and the tremolo bar was in the case. Well, I thought I would find a bar easily enough to replace it. Wrong!  I didn't. Years passed. I gave up. Then, Frets on the Net!! A miracle! Dave, the tremolo bar you made is awesome! After 13 years, I held my breath when I started to install it. Then, BAM! The bar fit perfectly. Clipped in and is just like an original. Well machined. Excellent craftwork! Really great work for a very reasonable price. Many thanks for making this guitar complete!  I haven't put it down for the last two weeks. LOL!!  I'll definitely being spreading the word about Frets on the NET!  Thanks again, Dave! This guitar is a gas to play now! cheers," jeff -------------------------------------------------------------------- "I needed a replacement trem arm for a Charvel Spectrum guitar I had acquired, and discovered that these things can be very hard to find.  Then I found Frets on the Net via a  few web searches.  They couldn’t have been more helpful - an exchange of pix to confirm the exact item I needed, a quote via email, a few bucks via Paypal and the replacement was with me in a few days – and I’m thousands of miles away!  Thanks, Dave - I’ll definitely be back."  Bob Wootton, London, UK ----------------------------------------------------------- Beautiful Carvin Bolt, owned by Dave G. with an added Pearloid Truss Rod Cover.   ------------------------------------------------------- T'Bird Bass with polished Aluminum rings installed on a Custom Paisley Bass Built by  Dave P. simply beautiful!! -------------------------------------------------------- This is a group of guitars, owned by a friend I know from an online forum. The parts consisted of Polished Aluminum and black pickup rings, the RR truss rod cover. Great collection! ------------------------------------------------------------------- "I needed a set of chrome pickup rings for my Jackson mutt I was building and there's only one person who I trusted to take care of me, and that was Dave! Forget about those cheap pup rings some guitar part websites sell. Dave's talent is only matched by his devotion to his customers in providing them with the top-notch parts that they need. The pup rings he made for me were superior in quality and craftsmanship and fit my guitar perfectly. Still not convinced? Cruise over to the Jackson/Charvel guitar forum, check out the feedback section and look for the countless threads where everyone's singing his praises. Thanks, Dave! You rock!!" Mark H. Marks' beautiful Jackson "mutt": --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I love import Charvels, and I was getting really frustrated searching E-bay every day for the oversized pickup rings that came on some of them. I was so relieved to find Frets On The Net  had everything I needed for my Charvel model 5. The new rings are made of better material than the originals, and I was even happier to find out they're oversized, yet fit a regular size pickup with no gaps around the edges! The color rings I chose match perfectly with my active pickups. I'm so glad I found this site, Dave's doing a real service for those of us who are into these types of guitars. thanks again Dave!" Matt. Matts Charvel Model 5 with a set of Oversized Pickup Rings with the smaller cut out for the EMGs -------------------------------------------------------------- Dave, Allow me to share with you some before/after shots of a 1983 Charvel Star  that I rescued from eBay. Needless to say the after shots could not have happened without your help. Thanks! Best Regards, George ------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dave,             " I just wanted to say thank you again for the RR truss rod cover you sent me. I sent you a couple of pics for you to see how it looks on my RR polka dot V I just got .........Bob " --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I have never met Dave, and all I get for singing his praises is the satisfaction of having done the right thing.  I have, however, had the pleasure of buying and using some of his parts the past three years or so, and if I had to sum up my opinion of his work in one sentence it would be this: I regret that he does not make more parts than he does, because I would love to make an entire guitar using nothing but Fretsonthenet hardware. Here are some of the reasons why: Dave is a consummate professional – he says what he is going to do, he offers a reasonable price for doing it, then he does it.  Very very well. Because each piece is made one at a time by a professional artesian, he isn’t just banging out parts to spec. Sure, all the stuff I’ve bought from him fits perfectly (probably to tolerances too fine for my brain to appreciate) but there is an elegance to his product that I’ve never found in parts that are blow molded by the thousands in a factory where everyone speaks Mandarin.  Is it weird to think of a pickup ring as a work of art imparting  its own mojo to the whole guitar?  Maybe, if you think that a Jesse James gas tank is just a place  to keep gas. Dave is a nice guy. All of this is, of course, just the opinion of one regular guy with a mundane day job and some rock and roll in his heart.  But I look forward to buying more stuff from Dave over the years, because who doesn’t like being able to buy good stuff from people they like?  If you’re going to buy it anyway, you might consider giving Dave a try – you probably won’t regret it, and if you do, you can still always go buy cheap crap somewhere else later." Keith. Keith's guitar with a polished Truss Rod Cover to match the gold hardware: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I needed a custom finish, high quality brass neck plate & Dave @ Fretsonthenet came thru again, fit was perfect, great quality & price,  thanx again Dave!!" Chuck's guitar with a Relic'd Solid Brass Neck Plate: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Bryan Rosendale's Purple Carvin with Custom Pickup rings and Truss Rod Cover, Fender Strat with System 1 Trem Arm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I needed a special truss cover for my 83' Jackson Rhoads that would fit in front of the Kahler lock-nut,so I turned to Dave at FretsontheNet, he made me a really cool all brass truss cover,the fit,finish & quality workmanship were outstanding,also great communication & price too!!Thanx Dave,you're the best"!! Chuck. Chuck's Rhoads with "Relic'd" Truss Rod Cover: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hi Dave,    I had to write and tell you what a SUPER job you did on my '77 Kramer's pickup rings.  I've had this guitar apart for over a year and a half looking for the parts to finish it. Everyone, (Chandler, WD, Terrapin, and Jeannie)  told me that the rings just COULDN'T BE MADE! Thank goodness you don't subscribe to their can't do attitude. Not only are the rings exact replicas of the factory pieces, but they're 3 times as strong and look better. Perfect fit, perfect finish, 100% pro workmanship! I can see we will be doing a lot of business in the future. I've attached a few pics so you can see the results. Long Live FOTN," Q-Ball (Darwin Webb) Darwin's 77 Kramer 450-G: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- David Garrity's "Fenderbird" Bass with custom Pickup Rings: -------------------------------------------------------------- Scott Ciminnisi's Gold RR with Oversized Picjkup Rings in Black and RR1 with Brass Rings, guard and V Plate:  ----------------------------------------------------- Dave, Hello, I just wanted to say "Thanks" again for the great pickup rings, trem cover and control cavity cover that I purchased for my USA Jackson.  I finally got the guitar reassembled and the parts fit great, look great and really bring the whole project together.  I have enclosed a few pictures that you can use along with this endorsement. I can't wait till my next project so I can order some more parts. Sincerely, Ben Williams --------------------------------------------------------- Just a belated note of thanks to Dave for a great transaction. I've been offline for a week or so due to major computer failure, but I received my first of Dave's awesome pickup rings last week. I can't wait to finish up my project & put it to use. Just as everyone else has said, these rings put everything else to shame and really do make other rings look cheap & flimsy. Just before I placed my order with Dave, one of the mini switches on my Model 6 broke and I had been looking around for a replacement. I found them thanks to a bro, but they ran close to $20 including the insane shipping charges. I checked the used parts section on Dave's site and there they were for 4 bucks! As if this cake needed any more icing, Dave was super to deal with and I couldn't believe how quickly he got the order completed & shipped, blizzard be damned. Dave, you're a class act & my hat is off to you! Dana Gibboney ----------------------------------------------------- Dave, I have to say those pick-up rings for the EMG 35's are fantastic! Looks very good and a perfect fit. Thank You for the great product. Frank Strz Frank's Bass with the Polished Aluminum EMG 707/Series 35 Pickup Rings: ------------------------------------------------------------ Dave- Sorry for the elapsed time between my reply....I got the guitar completed and it is gorgeous. I have attached a couple of pics for you to use any way you see fit. I am very pleased with the rings you made for me. They are way better quality than the originals and I think they add value to this piece. And lets not forget, my restoration would not be complete without them because you cannot buy a ring with these dimensions anymore! All the best Dave- Merritt Merritt's 750XL: ---------------------------------------- The pickup rings and truss rod cover look AMAZING in person (my pictures are just crappy). The quality of the brass is the best, the craftsmanship is perfect, and they fit like a glove. I have had tons of comments on how great it looks, and have given several people your website address. Thanks again Dave!! Jeri Jeri's Rhoads with Brass Pickup Rings with the large inside radii corners : And RR Truss Rod Cover: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brass Oversized Ring on Ricks EVH! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Well , i got pics finally. I didn't think my warlock could get any more metal but you proved me wrong. Your parts fit on directly with no modification at all. In less than a minute i had totally changed the attitude of my guitar. Gotta love all the shiny stuff on the headstock. Chrome baby. What's not to like here ? good price , good looks , good parts. Thanks a million." ---Erik Holtzclaw--- ---------------------------------------- Anthony M's Custom Charvel Star with Pickup Ring and Truss Rod cover: Tampa, FL Also his Jackson Dinky with a Pickup Ring: