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Screws and hardware for pickup rings can be found HERE! A brief word on "Archtop" pickup rings. Please understand that I can't do these anymore unless the archtop is flat enough for a set of flat bottomed rings. My rings are solid material and not hollow like the flimsy manufacturers, so they won't "bend" around the top to follow the contour. I've tried to have customers send me "templates" of the radii of the archtop and while it does work sometimes, other times it doesn't because the template wasn't accurate enough. Pickup Ring 7 Step Checklist Please use the following checklist as it will help save time, and it will help me help you get the correct rings for your application. 1) What Year, make and model guitar do you have. Pictures are always helpful as well. 2) What material and finish would you like? (Please see materials page for more info) and what is the thickness, length and width you’d like the rings to be? Are there holes in the guitar I need to match? If so, I’ll need to know the hole size and dimensions of their locations. Will the height adjusting screw holes be needed, or did you want clearance slots for direct to body mounted pickups? 3) Will these rings need angles for neck angle? If so, what angle or you can tell me the thickness of the ring on front and rear of each ring. 4) Would you like larger inside radii in the inside cutout to match the pickup bobbins? What I mean by this is shown in the picture below. Notice how the inside cutout follows the contour bobbins on the pickup? As for how tightly the pickup will fit, that will vary as not all pickups are made equally, but this gives you an idea on how it can look. Inside Cut-Out Options These are available in many different styles and configurations. For Example: The basic satin/matte black plastic ring which is $16.00, Note: Please understand that unless you're sending me specific dimensions, or the pickups themselves, these may or may not be a "super tight" fit to the pickup, as pickup manufacturers vary in their pickups from production to production. If you want a perfect fit for any pickup, it either has to be measured, or sent to me to be matched. To get the best fit, I would either need your pickups to custom fit them to a ring, or specific dimensions from you (+.010" for clearance). 5) Let me know as much info you can on the pickups you're installing including if they are 6,7,8, or a bass, etc... or if they're "F-Spaced" or "Covered" pickups. 6) If these are for “EMG” style soapbar pickup conversions, I’ll need to know if you’ll want the typical mount to top of body type, 7 string or 4 string bass can be seen here: Click Me! or my “IR” conversion rings,which can be seen here: Click Me! 8 string or 5 string bass can be seen here: Click Me! or my “IR” conversion rings,which can be seen here: Click Me! If you need the neck ring cutout for a fretboard clearance, what is the width dimension/measurement of the fretboard, and what is the dimension/measurement between the end of the fretboard and neck pickup. 7) Keep in mind, these are CUSTOM rings made for YOU, that you are paying for. If you are not sure about what you're paying for, you must ask as I can not read minds ;o) Do not assume that I know what you want/need as not all guitars are made the same. Even the same models change over time, so you must help me, to help you. I can not be responsible for giving refunds on something you were unsure of. Material Thickness Options Rings can be made from a 1/16th” (1.5mm) thick up to 1/2" (12.5mm) thick and angled as well to meet the neck angle requirements for proper string alignment. While this is not always necessary, some players would not even consider a pickup ring that didn't have this option if the neck is angled from the body. Glossy Pickup rings can not be made in anything thicker than .093" I know that may be disappointing, but anything thicker than that, I have to machine the thickness and I can not "polish" a glossy finish, sorry. Prices will vary for different materials, so please ask if you need thicker and/or angled rings for your particular guitar.
Material Options (Click Me!)
* If ordering black Plastic rings, unless otherwise specified, you'll receive the satin finish.
* If ordering Black Anodized Rings, unless otherwise specified, you’ll receive the brushed black anodized finish.
Again, if there's something you do not see or understand, please don't hesitate to ask-
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Rings can be made to allow the use of Transducer Pickups.
P90 Ring Bases can also be made for you These allow for a more sturdy Installation instead of going direct to wood.