Contact Email Me: HERE Ibanez Edge Tremolo Bar / Floyd Rose Conversion Bars Tired of that bar flopping around, and you'd like to actually put into a specific position? Now you can have the same features of the modern day Floyd Rose bar on your Edge Trem! Please see the Jackson/Charvel Conversion bar tutorial for the same exact installation. Click for Tutorial Black : TB-EDGB $31.00  (Black Temporarily Unavailable) Chrome: TB-EDGC $30.00 Gold: TB-EDGG $37.00 Ibanez Maxxas and Artfield "HQ" Tremolo Bar in Solid Stainless Steel These are made from solid polished or brushed stainless steel only. Replacement screws can be found here With "faux" Tip (machined groove to simulate a separate tip): TB-HQ $30.00 Examples of the HQ Bridges: Artfield: Maxxas : Ibanez Edge Replacement Tremolo Bars While these are not genuine Ibanez Parts,these are a low cost alternative for those who want to do mild tremolo work. These bars have no friction, and will “swing” freely in the socket. Available in chrome or black plated steel. Black : TB-EDGBR $12.00 Chrome: TB-EDGCR $12.00 Ibanez ProLine Pl1770 Pickguards These can be made in orginal form as shown on the left, or with modified pickup and control arrangements or blank. Ibanez Roadstar Pickup Rings Random Ibanez Pickup Rings Ibanez Truss Rod Covers Engraved Ibanez Truss Rod Covers