Latest News: 10/1/2015 Hard to belie 6/1/2015 Hard to believe we’re half way through the year already. I have added so many new parts to the site, so please have a look around. As always, if you need something specific, do not be afraid to ask as that is what I’m here for! Thank YOU! 1/1/2015 Happy New Year to all of you! I look forward to yet another year of helping you get those projects finished, or getting a new one off the ground. I appreciate every single one of you that have given me the opportunity to be a part of making those projects a reality. Whether it’s a full-on hardware change, or right down to a single screw that is almost impossible to find. Thank YOU! 12/1/1/14 Well, the holidays are here! I hope each and every one of you have a very happy holiday season! 10/1/1/14 Wow! Hard to believe it is October already.......Please remember! October is breast awareness month! Please encourage the women in your life to get regular checkups as early detection is critical. For more information, please take a look at the National Breast Cancer Foundation  9/16/2014 New Peavey Rear route cover plates and screws are now available for your B90, G90, Milestone, Destiny, Vandenberg, Tracer, Generation, Odyssey and Predator. 6/11/2014 Diamond Jackson / Charvel Switch tips are back! With so many requests to bring these back, I’ve started making them again. I’ve also added other finishes and designs as well, please have a look towards the bottom of the Electronics page found here: Switch Tips 4/25/2014 Wood Pickup Trim Rings are now available! These are just the trim rings that are available, for example: Kramer 450G and 450B wood rings, EMG 707, and 808 style soapbar type pickups. Even my “IR” rings for those that are Direct mounting their pickups. Unfortunately I’m still not making the standard style rings that have height screws holes because they are just too weak, and will crack if not handled with the utmost care. New rings for the 707 and 808 style soapbars can be seen here: CLICK ME! New rings for the Kramer 450B can be seen here: CLICK ME! 3/10/2014 No more banner, and I’m ready to go! 2/18/2014 Just an update, I can now spend more time taking orders for you all, so you’ll be seeing that pesky flashing banner a LOT less now. Email Me: HERE Welcome to Frets On The Net.  Email Me!

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Updated: 11/1/2015 To fight spam, I can not put a direct email link. If the “Email Me” link above is not working for you, please open your email program and copy and paste: fretsonthenet AT msn . com change the "AT" to @ and then remove the 4 spaces.