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Check out this Hard Rock band with music in the vein of classic Heavy Metal MOJO Bodies I'm proud to add Mojo Bodies to the site as I've now made numerous cavity covers for his customers. Denny makes some beautiful pieces and he's one of the nicest guys you'll deal with as well. Have look at his site, I'm sure you'll agree! AUDIOZONE.DK for Jackson and Charvel guitar players Mobile Sound & Music Production, Guitar Customization & Info Guitar player with a passion for Jackson/Charvel guitars. Leo'z Guitarz N' Suff Have a look around and enjoy the eye-candy of his thirty-five years or so experience. A great website from a huge guitar fan with some excellent pics and info as well. Get your Replacement Jackson/Charvel Preamp Here! FGE-1200 ( Finn Guitars Electronics) Replacement for the Jackson JE-1200 midboost. This prewired boost is a 1:1 clone of the original and is a direct swap for midboosted Charvel / Jackson guitars. I have been asked to remove the price since the currency rate changes so frequently. Please contact Finn Guitar Electronics directly ;o) Contact info : or