Contact Email Me: HERE I've never really dug the look of passives in active routes, so I put in an order to Dave at FretsOnTheNet for a pair of his IR active-to-passive rings. I haven't seen a lot of them posted on here but I remember seeing them on Mesh's guitar and being really  impressed how they look like a normal passive pickup rings, as opposed to the usual oversized units. FWIW, Dave's a really nice guy, great with communication and really went out of this way to make sure every measurement was perfect before he made these. I couldn't be happier with his service and with how these came out. Randy- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It arrived earlier today. It's absolutely wonderful. Rest assured  that if I need anything else I'll be coming to you before anyone else.  Chris ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Dave. The cover is very nice.  Fits fine and looks great.  Exactly what I pictured in my head before I ordered it.  You are definitely the man. Thanks again, -Brian ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave,I just received the tremolo bar today and I couldn't be happier! The installation took about 10 minutes with minimal effort. Your website outlined the process very well and I had a lot of fun doing the mod myself. I'll be sure to come to you if I need any specialty part in the future! A very satisfied customer, Chase ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Before and after of Lucas’ beautiful Bass. He wanted a faux Carbon Fiber Pickup Ring to Cover the long Route in the body. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amazing work Dave -TRULY. Thanks so much for making these parts (pickup rings and rear cover)for my Sitar. I've attaced photos so you can see the work of your hands.It was a pleasure working with you and I will not hesitate to contact you in the future should I or anyone I  know need such work done. Enjoy the holidays! -Adam. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dave,  I just wanted to pass along to you that my buddy was totally blown away by the custom truss rod cover.  He absolutely flipped out and immediately installed it on his main Les Paul!  In fact, he may be getting in touch with you for more...LOL.  Anyway, just wanted to say thanks, it was the perfect gift! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- At long last, the Peavey is constructed!! The mounting rings worked like a charm... as these pix probably reveal. Thanks for your help with this! My friend Scott may post a before and after on GearSlutz. I'll send you a link if he does...and nudge him to give a shout out to you. Thanks again! Chuck ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave, I just wanted to thank you for the attention to detail in your products and your prompt shipping. The Frets on the Net mounting rings are a perfect fit for The Creamery Wide Range pickups, and look amazing. Here's a shot from the workshop floor today: Thanks again lads. Cheers, Matthew Bulluss, Salt Mine Repair Services ------------------------------------------------------------------ Dave,  The TRC looks great!  You rock! -Dan                       ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some of your handiwork(polished Aluminum Pickup Rings) installed on a Carvin AE185… just in case you wanted it for your website or something. J                ------------------------------------  Dave, The parts arrived - absolutely love them. This is what women must feel like when they get their nails done. I've attached a photo to show you how she looks. Thank you, Alex ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dave - They are here, and they are beautiful!  Thank you very much. -mitch ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave, These rings came out perfect. I didn’t need to make any adjustments to them at all. I’ve attached some pictures. Thanks again. Bob M -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thankyou Dave and the final touch you pickup ring to finish this one up. Thanks and God Bless                       ---------------------------------------------------------------- Alright they arrived, they fit perfectly. Awesome job! I attached pics, haha. Good day! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dave, I just got the pickup ring and it looks fantastic! Thanks! Bill ----------------------------------------------------------------------- dear dave -many many thanks to you. the rings arrived today and (with minimal sanding for the arch) are perfect for the epiphone. i am very impressed with your work! best,  chris h -------------------------------------------------- Here's some pictures of the truss on the guitar. I couldn't be happier, it looks great and is exactly what I was looking for.   The guitar has pearl binding on the headstock, neck and body too and this just pops the cherry on top haha! Use the photos and words of course.  I've been raving all day to a few guitar buddies of mine and tagged your name on Instagram. I'm forever greatful of your time in doing this for me. I've another ESP that  I'm toying with adding a few parts to at the moment. So I'll be in touch soon about another truss ;-)   Kind regards, Ian ----------------------------------------------------------- Here they (Ibanez RG2228-Black Brushed Aluminum Rings) are in all their glory!  turned out great! Kris Y- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------