Contact Email Me: HERE Hi Dave, I just finished my project and here are some pictures for you to appreciate. Nothing fancy, but if you want you can add them to your testimonials on the website.. Big Cheers. Cláudio ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Page 8: Pics & Testimonials (just click on the pics to see larger pics!) Jackson Rhoads V control plate polished brass for a RR5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dave - the Fender System 1 Friction Collar you sent me fitted just great.  Much better than the original part, which was really hard to grip. I now realise that I also need 2x (1 for now and 1 spare) Fender System 1 trem arm plastic bushings. Thanks Dave - if I knew another human being on the planet with an old trem that needed help, I would recommend you in a heartbeat. Truly a pleasure doing business...  neil ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave, Finally I received it. Thank you for your excellent work. I attach a picture for you reference. Harry ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dave, I wanted to share with you some pictures of what your work looks like on my guitars.  I'm very happy with the outcome!  I'm still unsure whether the silver truss rod cover would've have been better on the gibson.  I may purchase another one from you in the near future in silver just to compare.  But there is NO DOUBT that it looks great the way it is!  Thank you for impeccable customer service.  Your work is outstanding!  See for yourself! Kind Regards, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Thanks for everything, Dave!  Your customer service is second to none!  And simply put, your work is outstanding!  The quality of your product speaks for itself.  Without a doubt, I'll be coming back for any future custom work that I need done.  Thanks again for the effortless transaction!  Kind Regards, Niloy Chatterjee" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- hi dave pickup rings arrived this morning all fitted and looking good! i enclose a pic  thanks again stuart --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dave, Just wanted to thank you sooo much for the wonderful job you did on my pickup rings. I could not have been more pleased with your work! If anyone is sitting on the fence as to weather or not they should drop a bucks for such a trivial item, I'm here to push them over the top and encourage them to pursue their purchase from you. It IS truly worth every dollar. I love the way you milled out a little recessed area on the bottom of the rings to allow for the pickup springs to seat properly, pretty cool. The satin aluminum finish matches very nicely with the overall theme I wanted to accomplish with this project, and you were the only one available that made this possible. I highly recommend your products to anyone who may need quality, custom parts for their guitar. I have attached a few photos to show you the finished product. Again, many thanks for your precise and beautiful work!  Jim Kelley -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The trim rings are perfect. Thanks again. James -------------------------------------------------- Dave, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but I just wanted to say thanks. All the ( Fender System 1 )parts fit perfectly. No muss, no fuss. Even my local tuner/repair guy asked me where I got the parts from.  Thanks for a smooth transaction and patience.  Steve -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave,  Just as I suspected it would, the covers look fantastic on my guitars!  The silver on the Les Paul confers a unique, custom look!  Thank you very much for everything.  If you'd like some pics for your site, please let me know, and I'll send some your way. Have a great day! Kind Regards, Niloy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hey Dave, I Got everything put on and working and it all looks great! I did notice a bit more clarity and high treble increase that I like - I'm sure it has everything to do with the pickup rings since the pickups are now floating on an aluminum frame which transmits vibrations from guitar body to the pickups.  I could also be hallucinating but I doubt it, hehehe. I attached some pics.  Unfortunately I don't have any good light sources to take pro pics but I got some pretty good art photos even though they are a bit grainy. Thanks a lot for the fine work, I'm sure you'll be hearing from me in the future. Sincerely,  ~Justin Justin B’s, 2006-07AmericanPRS CU24 10 top with Molten Aluminum finished hardware: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Thank you, thank you, thank you for 1) doing such a nice job on these 3 Tortoise shell pieces 2) being so patient with me while we worked out exactly what was going to be done 3) for being true to your word on the time it takes to finish and deliver your work and 4) for being such an all- around nice guy!" Mike W. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Dave, You rule! That is all ;) Daniel (Seriously, I am stunned by the quality of the pickup ring you made for me... I'm so pleased!) ---------------------------------------------------------------- Dave, The truss rod cover arrived yesterday afternoon. It looks great!! I can't thank you enough, it was exactly what I was looking for. The engraved initials were the icing on the cake! It really feels like MY guitar now.  Thanks again!   -Rob ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dave, Just received the package. Everything looks excellent. Can't install the parts right now due to my busy schedule, hope to have enough time to do it on weekends. I'll also try to take some pictures of the installed parts. Thank you very much! Semyon --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carvin DC800 IR Rings ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dave, I just received my pickup rings in the mail this morning. I couldn't be more pleased with them, they have clearly been made with great care, craftsmanship and attention to detail. Thanks so much. I can't wait to see how they look once I have had them plated/anodised. It really is great (and rare these days) to find people who obviously have pride in what they do, and put real heart and soul into their work. I hope that doesn't sound too over the top but I'm really delighted with the results! I'll be sure to send some pics for your gallery once I have completed the rest of my customisation work (might be some time though).  Thanks again and all the best,  Rob :-) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave, here it is, fitted. Many thanks. Very pleased with your customer service and the end product! Kind Regards,  Matt --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dave....Received pickup rings this morning, incredible workmanship, took my breath away, and its much of which I have discovered about anything I order from United States. Thanks again, but most importantly keep at it. You have been highly recommended. Regards   SG Brook ------------------------------------------------------------ Here you go.  Looks and plays great!  Thanks again (and sorry for the large file size of the pictures).  Regards, Brian C. D. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Dave, I succeed to open the holes with my drill and the result meets my expectations. Thanks a lot, great job! Let's judge by yourself.  David ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Got them ( Ibanez RG8 Thin IR Rings with height screw acess ) installed, they look great! Kris Y