Contact $12.00 Each HWbc-1 No more wearing out your cavity cover screw holes or losing screws!! An update on the battery box cover. The position I had been putting them in, had not produced any issues until now. I had a customer of mine that has a Charvel model 4, and the contols are pushed back a bit which does not allow the battery box to sit down in the control route. I’ve now come up come up with a better solution moving the box to the top of the route, horizontally (shown below where the original metal battery clip is installed from the factory). All new battery boxes from 9/10/2014 to present, will feature this new battery box location for the USA and  Import Jackson and Import Charvel Ontario sized rear covers. An example of the battery box installed in a Model 2 cover. Note that the Model 1 and 2 have only one volume pot installed so this is easily possible for those models. These can be installed into almost any of the materials that I use, and can be fabricated for you in both USA Jackson (Including the rare 4 hole late San Dimas large plates) and Import Charvel and Import Jackson that have the Larger route. Also the Model 1 and 2 as well. I can provide these for you in 2 ways. You can buy the battery box your self, and just buy my plate with the pattern already milled into it, or you can buy a completed cover with the battery box already installed. New updated measurements for you: Click to enlarge: These are easy to use: Pop open the lid: Snap open the secondary lid inside: Slide in your battery taking note of the Positive side (which is marked on the housing): Close the secondary lid, If you'd like just the plate, just choose whatever plate and material you'd like and add $10.00 to the total of the plate you're ordering. Example: $12.00 satin black plastic plate with the cutout and mounting holes, would be a total of $22.00 for the item pictured below: If you'd like a completed cover plate with the box installed for you, just add $20.00 to the total of the plate you're ordering. Example: $12.00 satin black plastic plate with the Gotoh battery box installed, would be a total of $32.00 for the item pictured below: GOTOH Battery Boxes Can be installed in the body after it's been routed by you or these can be installed in your rear cover plates (if there's room!), which I can do here for you. A few examples of the box mounted into Covers: A few important dimensions you might like: L= 2-3/4" X W= 1-9/64ths" Depth is as shown to the right where it's 1-5/16ths from under the mounting lip. Email Me: HERE