Contact Email Me: HERE Aircraft Uncleared Aluminum Available in Satin, Polished or Brushed! $20 Each Ring Solid Uncleared Brass  Available in Satin, Polished or Brushed! $25 Each Ring Beautiful Matte Black  Plastic  Available in Satin or Brushed! $16.00 Each Ring Black Anodized Aluminum Available in Satin, or Brushed! $24.00 Each Ring Carvin Rings These can be made to fit the original Carvin  pickups with both 3 and 4 Height adjusting screws as well. Just let me know the details and I can give you a quote for your specific applications. These are now available to be made in any material you see on the site and can be customized to fit Dimarzios, Duncans, Etc.!! With the larger inside Radius (additional $2.00 for each ring) Custom Pickup Rings for Carvin 7 and 8 strings can be found here 3 hole version cover in Pearloids $9.00 Each (other colors on the materials page as well) Truss Rod Covers IMPORTANT! Carvin sells a few different versions  of the single hole truss rod covers. If you'd like one of these, I will need the  measurement from the top of the  nut, to the center of the hole in the  headstock for the truss rod cover. Solid  Aluminum $16.00 Solid  Brass $16.00 Engraving is now Available, please Click Here! "faux"Carbon Fiber Laminate “Material No longer Available”   Carvin Stock Pickup Rings mounting Screws Screws may not look like perfect reproductions, but these are the closest to original you will find in fit and fiinish. These are the screws that are used for the Pickup Mounting rings, these are not Height screws adjusting screws. Black Only. Carvin Stock Pickup Rings mounting Screws  .45 cents each screw  HWCsc-5PV Carvin Pickup Ring Conversions are available for Soapbar to Open Coil or other pickups. These are the correct size screws that are used to set the height. These are for the 3 and 4 hole pickups. Stainless Steel Only. Carvin Pickup Height and Mounting Screws  $1.00 each screw  HWCscSS-1 Carvin Stock Rear Cover Plates  These are replacements for the BP1 and BP 2 replacement plates that Carvin sells on their website. *NOTE these are not the same size as found on all models. For some reason Carvin has changed sizes of thier covers along the way on some models, notably the CT4. If you’d like to send a tracing or your old cover to be copied, that is always preferred before work is done. Please see my Materials page for material options. $24.00  CN-BP2 $24.00  CN-BP1 Carvin Top of Body Mount Tremolo Route Cover Black Brushed Anodized Aluminum  Carvin Recessed Control Route Cover Black Brushed Anodized Aluminum  Some Examples of the different Carvin Covers