Contact Email Me: HERE Truss Rod Covers For ESP It is very important that you let me know the type of cover you want and the measurement from the top of the nut to the CENTER of the mounting hole as- ESP has changed styles and measurements through the years. Even if you just get it close, I should be able to figure out which measurement you need. These are available in any of the colors you see on the other pages, please ask! ESP Logo'd Tremolo Saddle/Intonation Screws Finally! These are the perfect replacements for your missing screws! $1.00 each screw  HWsc-28 .45 Cents each Set of 6 for $2.50 HWsc-22 ESP Logo'd Tremolo Saddle/String Locking Screws These are the perfect replacements for your missing screws! Sold in sets of 6 for $4.00 HWscw-26 Engraved ESP logo'd Covers Can be customized to your specs. Truss rod cover and tuner screws .25 cents each $20.00 Each In Plastic $25.00 Each In Metals Solid  Aluminum and Solid  Brass $16.00 Pearloid and Laminate Finishes $8.00 Laminated "Bell" Style Can be customized to your specs. $12.00 Each 80's Laminated Style NOTE* Due to many customers who have been asking  for these to fit later models, I'm now making  these available for those guitars as well. You must check your measurement from  the nut to the center of the mounting hole,  and then let me know what that measurement is. $10.00 Each ESP Tremolo Bars Nice original style tremolo bars that fit the original Logo'd ESP tremolos. I've had some questions on this trem as I'm hearing there are 2 different sockets for these. These are made from solid polished or brushed stainless steel only. TB-Sync $28.00 Here's a closer pic of the type of  socket that I make the bars for: Example of the ESP tremolo: ESP Logo'd Tremolo Saddle/String Locking Screws These are the perfect replacements for your missing screws! Sold in sets of 6 for $3.00 HWscw-26 ESP Synclair Adapters !! These are now SOLD OUT and no more will be made. Ok, so I've been helped out by a few customers (thanks guys!) with some info on the other threaded collar type tremolo bar and unfortunately, I will not be manufacturing these bars as it's just too involved for how many requests I get for it. But,I have made an adapter that will fit the threaded socket of the base plate, that will allow you to fit a modern Floyd type tremolo bar into it. Now I've machined these to fit a specific bar that I get from my supplier so it will match correctly. Not all of these modern Floyd type bars run the same size so you're gambling if you just want the adapter alone. There are 2 wrench flats that will allow you to snug this into the base plate but there is no need to over tighten these. These are hardened/heat treated steel for optimum wear. For both the adapter and tremolo bar, the price is $40.00. For the adapter alone, it's $25.00 A reference picture of the adapter. (yes, I know it's not the ESP bridge in the picture but I had to send the original bridge back to the customer ;o)) Here are a couple of pics for reference of the tremolo sockets that this adapter will fit: ESP Logo'd Tremolo Socket Set Screws These are correct fitting replacements with an Allen wrench socket so no more slipping off the head of the screw! .50 cents ea. HWscw-26SC ESP Neckplates Polished, Brushed or Satin Solid 1/8th” Brass These are also available in the  Brushed or Satin Black anodized finish or the Polished, Brushed, or satin Aluminum finish as well. Engraving is also available- HWnpe-1 $18.00 Polished                     Brushed Sold in a set With Wrench $1.25 HWscw-26SCW ESP Logo'd Tremolo Socket Friction Bushing These are the correct fitting replacement Socket Friction Bushings. These install in the socket, and then the set screw (above) creates pressure on the socket, then creating friction on your trem bar, thus allowing you to position the bar wherever you’d like. $10.00 ea. HWscw-26SB 1/8th” Satin Black Aluminum Anodized “Flag” Headstock Style Can be Engraved as shown (extra costs will apply) Blank $12.00 Each ESP Logo'd Tremolo Screws Screws may not look like perfect reproductions, but these are the closest to original you will find in fit and fiinish.